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Top 8 Laughable Stereotypes about Mexicans


Just like the Russians are portrayed as vodka-drinking dumb militants trying to take over the world (or at least nuke the US of A) in pretty much every movie and TV show, the Mexicans have also earned themselves a few ridiculously uncharacteristic stereotypes. I may not be a Mexican but it still grinds my gears how shallow and stupid the masses are.
Here’s a short list of the most common Mexican stereotypes portrayed in the media — from fence-hopping immigrants and maids to tequila-drinking mariachi fans.



Thug life
If you thought all Hispanic men were somehow tied to drug cartels or gangs – shame on you! They work as lawyers, teachers, pastors, police officers and in many other areas.

Mexicans only drink tequila
Don’t be silly, they drink anything and everything, just like you! Well, some of you, rather.

They only eat tacos and burritos
Obviously, they’re not, BUT if I could – I would eat only tacos and burritos for the rest of my life, because there’s nothing wrong with eating delicious food.  Although if you add those ant larvae (linky-link) to my taco, I’ll wreck you. Just saying.

They only listen to mariachi
Thanks to “Desperado” and a whole bunch of other westerns, people seem to think that mariachi bands are like Justin Bieber. News flash: there are incredibly talented singers in every country, including Mexico.

All Mexicans wear sombreros
Speaking of mariachi, do you know what they’re usually wearing? Yeah, big, mushroom-like hats called sombreros. Not gonna lie, with a climate like that it’s the least they should be wearing. Even if this was a fact, they’d still look fabulous.

All Mexicans hop the border
Sorry, Trump-supporters, nobody’s hopping the fence to steal “yer jerbs”. If you can’t maintain your position – you suck at what you do, and you have only yourself to blame, as the immigrants (even if they are illegally looking for a job) will do their duties faster and more efficiently. Step up your game and you’ll be fine.

All Mexicans ride donkeys instead of cars
What better way to hop the border than using the good old donkey instead of a car. Yeah, maybe like a 100 years ago.

All Mexican women are maids
Probably, one of the most humiliating and racist stereotypes on this list – why are Mexican women depicted as maids in almost every movie/TV show ever? Historically, this may have been the case in early 1900’s (not a historian, sorry), but even to this day the Hollywood is using this old trope as a starting point to tell the stories. Just stop that.