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Top 7 Deadliest Ninja Weapons


There’s a saying that a truly skilled ninja can turn anything into a deadly weapon, no matter if it’s hard or soft, big or small, liquid or solid. You really don’t want to get on their bad side, because one of the following weapons may be the last thing you see. Let’s look at 7 iconic weapons, popularized by Hollywood and Anime, that ninjas have actually used to dispatch their enemies.



The “claws” can deal a lot of damage to someone’s body, if we’re to believe the adventures of a certain Canadian mutant with a beer addiction. I can only imagine what those bad boys can do when used by a skilled ninja! The funny thing is that these “claws” were originally used as harvesting tools. But, even a shoved can become a weapon, even more so the razor-sharp Tekko-Kagi. They were also great for blocking, and ensnaring swords. Let’s just say, if you see these things coming at you – count your blessing and run!



Kakute, or as I like to call them “deadly death rings of excruciating agony… and death”, were more than just a shiny piece of metal. These rings were designed pretty much for one reason – to immobilize opponents, and hit their pressure points. The rings were easy to hide and were usually used for stealth attacks, and sometimes even laced with deadly poison. Just to “double-tap”, as they call it.

Kama literally translates to “sharp curvy blade of terror that will rip your flesh apart and make you bleed out in seconds”. Also, I made that up. Kamas are basically sickles and were originally used to cut grass and reap crops, probably until someone their hand off. Like I said, anything can become a weapon in the right hands, especially if it was a blade.

Fukiya is basically a freaking bamboo stick (a blowgun) used by ninjas to shoot out poisonous darts at their victims. Maybe that’s where the Americans got their victorious shout “F$CK YEAH!”, right? I mean, you shoot someone down, and yell “FUKIYA~!” That’s my head canon now.

So what would happen if instead of 2 Kamas in each hand, you’d have 1 sickle and attach a chain with a steel ball to it? That’s Kisarigama right there. There were countless options when it came to wielding this bad boy: you could ensnare the opponent with a chain, then finish him off with the Kama; swing the sickle by the chain and use it with the deadliest whirlwind; or just use the chain and ball as a whip. And that’s just from what I can imagine with my untrained mind. I bet there are like 10 textbooks on how to use this deadly chain-scythe.

The second most-known tool of a ninja’s trade – the kunai. Google says they were used as gardening tools, but I have a hard time believing that. What would short double-edged knives be used for? Stabbing beets and carrots to death? Anyway, these “knives” were turned into useful and deadly close/mid-range weapons. Which basically means they could be used anywhere on the battlefield.

And finally, number 1 is, of course, the shuriken. The word “shuriken” means “sword hidden in hand”, so if somehow you’ve never heard or seen this weapon, that should pretty much paint you the full picture. Actually shuriken is a class of throwing weapons, of which “hira-shuriken” is the one resembling a star. Needless to say, a skilled ninja could do a shitton of damage with a precise, potentially even deadly, throw. Fun fact: Batman’s batarangs are technically bat-shaped shurikens!