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Top 10 Dramatic Celebrity Transformations for Better or Worse


For better or worse, here is a look at some of the most dramatic celebrity transformations over the years.

the Better, Christina Aguilera

Remember that romantic girl who suddenly decided to change her image and shocked her fans by appearing in provocative outfits and wearing over-the-top makeup. Things went from bad to worse, she stripped down for the Rolling Stone cover and released the music video ‘Dirty’ which critics called overly sexual.
It was long ago, today Aguilera is a mother of two beautiful kids, a former and well respected ‘The Voice’ judge, a philanthropist, WFP Ambassador Against Hunger and UN Goodwill Ambassador.

the Worse, Britney Spears

While being a teenager she was one of the most popular and successful pop female singers in the world and gained the pop princess title. She also stayed the same sweet girl from the South who claimed to be a virgin. It appeared to be a huge lie.
The scandals kept piling up from the gasp-worthy breakup with Justin Timberlake, the 55-hour marriage with Jason Alexander, her new marriage with a backup dancer, bad parenting, the divorce, the custody battle, to her hospitalization for mental assessment in the end.
This year she’s planning her big Vegas return and currently working on a new album. She looks healthy, happy and beautiful. Seems like the good girl Britney is back. We’ll see.

the Better, Nicki Minaj

It’s a real pleasure to see Nicki’s changing her beauty looks. From a sex-appealing weirdo she turned into a beautiful and elegant woman. Recently she told Interview magazine “I want people, especially young girls, to know that in life nothing is going to be based on sex appeal. You’ve got to have something else to go with that.”

the Worse, Miley Cyrus

Some can hate Miley Cyrus some can adore her, but one thing is for sure – she transformed from an angelic looking young girl into a scandalous, unpredictable and naughty artist. She has left her sweet Hannah Montana character in the dust in the recent years. Today she allows herself to twerk, wear sexy flash-tone bikini, simulate the sex act at every turn and smoke weed on stage.

the Better, Robert Downey, Jr

His closets are full of skeletons. His father, who is a famous director, introduced him not only to acting but also to drugs. Robert Downey, Jr and gorgeous Sarah Jessica Parker stayed together for seven-years before his drinking and drug addiction tore them apart. He spent 6 months in prison in the late 1990s for drug convictions.
2002 was the year for making changes in his life. Today Robert is a happy father of two kids and one of the most popular and respected actors in Hollywood.

the Worse, Lindsay Lohan

It’s hard to believe that those two very cute twins with bright blue eyes, ginger hair and freckles from the Parent Trap were played by this future Hollywood trainwreck. Today Lindsay Lohan is more known for her scandalous lifestyle, numerous arrests, alcohol and drug abuse and endless rehabs than for her films.

the Better, Justin Timberlake

He started his career on The New Mickey Mouse Club and made it big with popular 90s boys band “N Sync.” He was a constant troublemaker. He hit the headlines after his scandalous split with Britney Spears and shocked fans again at Superbowl XXXVIII show with the ‘nipplegate incident’ when he ripped off a piece of Janet Jackson’s costume; and again when he got into the fight with paparazzi.
Look at him now. He’s a happily married man, a fashion icon, a successful actor and one of the most influential musicians and record producers of our day.

the Worse, Justin Bieber

He’s a lucky guy, who actually was discovered via Youtube. The Biebs was just 13 when he released his debut album “My World” which became platinum. When Justin was only 16, there was so-called “the Bieber Fever” raging epidemic around the world.
But all good things come to the end and here comes his time of troubles – break up with Selena Gomez, least stylish person of the year award, worst album award, hooker scandal, drug addiction problems, several run-ins with the law and as a matter of fact his first arrest in 2014.

the Better, Drew Barrimor

Drew had a troubled childhood. She was often seen smoking cigarettes when she was 9 years old, she started to drink at the same age, she was dancing in the clubs all night long at 10, started to smoke marijuana at 11 and snort cocaine at 12. She was under the mass media radar all the time.
Time changes everyone and today Drew re-emerged her reputation of a talented actress, got married and gave birth to two lovely daughters. She let it be known several years back that her sexual tastes run towards both men and women. Regardless she’s a stable person today living and loving life to its fullest.

the Worse, Amanda Bynes

From a bright and perspective teen actress she turned into one more Hollywood starlets destroyed by fame and drugs. Everyone’s favorite, Amanda from “The Amanda Show”, is all grown up now. Her recent public appearances have raised eyebrows over the big changes to her pierced face and messy platinum blonde hair, and an awful habit to smoke like a chimney.