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Toddlers & Tiaras Stars All Grown Up – Where Are They Now?


Back in the day, Toddlers & Tiaras was one of the most popular television shows on TLC. Millions were proud to call it a guilty pleasure. Those kids were undeniably cute, and thanks to all those ridiculous ensembles combined with laugh inducing one-liners, the show stayed on the air for quite a while. 

Still, what comes next for a toddler who’s already donned fake teeth, layers of makeup, extravagant gowns, and even a pint-sized Pretty Woman costume?? These kids are all grown up now and are unrecognizable. When these girls were younger, it was just as much about them as it was their competitive, overly involved stage parents. 

But today, they’re much older and making their own career moves. They’ve even decided to make a new show out of it. Toddlers & Tiaras: Where Are They Now premiered on January 21st, answering the questions that’s been on our minds for years. What do they look like now?

This new series will go back and discuss iconic moments with the show’s regulars, and will even show these ex pageant divas trying on old costumes and performing old routines.

The comeback show produced by Authentic Entertainment will also talk about what the girls are currently up to, including favorites such as The Tiara Twins, Madison “Tootie” Berg and The Sprinkle Sisters. Honey Booboo looks completely different today , as does picture-perfect blond Eden Wood. 

Eden Wood

She had her own show called “Eden’s World” and starred as Darla in  The Little Rascals Save the Day. In 2016, she even told ET that she hopes to be the next Taylor Swift. With those blond locks and acting career under her belt, we can’t wait to see what’s on the docket for Wood in 2021.

Honey Boo Boo

Honey Boo Boo bounced onto another TV show called Mama June: From Not to Hot, chronicling not just June’s whopping 300-pound weight loss, but her daughter’s impressive transformation as well. 2 years ago, Mama June was arrested. Is Honey still living with her sis? The fans want to know!

Madison “Tootie” Berg

Madison was a bit older than a toddler, but still managed to get on this show and look fabulous. The brunette is just as drop-dead gorgeous today, and is apparently living her best life as a cheerleader at Belhaven University in Mississippi. She’s also still participating in pageants.

Paisley Scott Dickey

While this little talent was a force of nature, she unfortunately got most of her publicity after her mom dressed her in an outfit inspired by Pretty Woman. But controversy can’t stop “Peppermint Paisley”. This lil’ cutie is acting and learning to sing and play guitar. She’s even written a song!

Isabelle Barrett

She wasn’t surrounded by scandal during the show, but today, she’s perhaps the biggest success story. At just 9 years, old, this little lady had a net worth of $1.9 million, and it’s not from Toddlers & tiaras. Barrett launched a successful clothing and jewelry line and today she’s an equity holder in two companies.

Taralynn Eschberger

She had a perfect princess reputation on the show with those memorable red locks, and years later, nothing’s changed. She’s in middle school, getting straight A’s and loves playing basketball, soccer, and golf. From what we know, she’s not in pageants anymore.

The Tiara Twins 

 Alycesaundra and Giavanna Lyerly had a mom who invested around a million bucks in a body guard, massive training space, tour bus, and more. That’s a lot of money. Still, Alycesaundra went on to explore being a fashion designer while her sister keeps doing pageants and modelling.

Destiny Christian

Ah, the little queen who smoked a fake cigarette  in her performance and snagged a whole Nancy Grace episode. Today, she’s a bit farther away from the spotlight. Tune in to see what else is new with Destiny!

Alexis Todd

Alexis’s mom got Alexis a chiropractic adjustment before the competition, thinking that would be the necessary edge to win. She only got runner up, but is still slaying the pageant world and competitive cheerleading.

Kylie Deluca

We all remember the fearless and bold Kylie, who once said on TV, “The money is my favorite part. I love money.” Don’t we all, Kylie! After her debut at five, Deluca is acting, modeling and dancing.

Alaska Mathews

Alaska’s mother was controversial enough to land an appearance on Dr. Phil, thanks to bleaching her 8-year-old’s teeth and attempting to dye her eyelashes with horrifying results. Fortunately, Mathews turned out normal and keeps active in the worlds of theater, pageants, and cheerleading. 

Ava Bartello

Ava had a bit of a bratty reputation precede her, thanks to that famous meltdown after she didn’t win “Ultra Grand Supreme.” In classic five-year-old fashion, she lost it and frowned her way through photos with fellow contestants. It looks like she’s moved on today and is active on IG and Youtube, where she vlogs and does shopping hauls.

Lacey Mae Mason

Lacey-Mae broke boundaries by being the first child with dwarfism on Toddlers & Tiaras. Some of you might remember her wardrobe malfunction during her Bollywood performance. She was always enthusiastic, and her mom entered her in beauty pageants to help boost her confidence. 

Saliz Anderson

SaLiz has been competing in pageants since 11 months,  and it’s due to a true love for pageantry. In fact, she might have the least crazy stage mom out there. Her mom once said in an interview that around 2-3, kids develop opinions, and when that happens, “it’s time to listen.” Here’s a shoutout to all the parents that don’t force activities on their kids!