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This Artist Got Bored With Quarantine And Painted Flowers All Over Her Walls


One of the countries that has been hit by the corona virus the hardest, is France. They were one of the first European countries to get similar results as Italy did, and their lockdown has been one of the harshest of the world. Their president, Emmanuel Macron, claimed that the fight against the corona virus was much like a war, and his draconic measures paint a similar picture.

And while Macron was painting pictures of war and struggle, French artist Nathalie Lété spent her period in lockdown painting pictures of … flowers. A slightly different and more hopeful message, and one she painted on the walls of her house. Because what else do you do if you can’t go outside?

Nathalie bought her quaint country house in an area about an hour away from Paris, and started off with the concept the way we all should: with a blank slate. She painted her entire house white. She started painting the flowers on and off whenever she had the time, but thanks to corona she was able to finish her entire house in almost no time. It’s now turned into a floral wonderland filled with colorful patterns of nature.

You’d think she’d stop at the walls and doors, but she actually painted her entire set of furniture too. There’s almost nothing in her house that hasn’t been touched by her artful brushes, and it’s certainly turned her house into a unique work of art that you won’t find anywhere else.

While her work seems like there’s a pattern or grand plan to it, nothing could be further from the truth. She never decided what to paint in advance, and simply painted over something when she didn’t like it or felt like she had improved later in the process. I guess that’s the good thing about walls: they’re made to be painted over!

As you can obviously tell from the pictures, Nathalie favors the colors pink and green. People are obviously loving her house, although I can imagine some people consider it a tad too much. Nathalie is very much in love with her new house and says that her painted house brings her a lot of happiness. It gives the house a fairytale feel, which I guess would make most people happy. If the lockdown lasts any longer, you know what to do!