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Things You Never Knew About Thanksgiving


If you think you knew everything about Thanksgiving, you’re wrong! Here’s a few things you probably didn’t know already.



One Lucky Turkey Gets A Presidential Pardon
George H. W. Bush was the first president to start this, and every year since then, one lucky turkey has received a presidential pardon on Thanksgiving.



Of All Days, This Day Is The Biggest Source of Annual Bar Sales
So yes: even more than New Year’s Eve, St. Patty’s, the Superbowl or any other day in the year. Apparently Thanksgiving Eve is the best time of the year to get absolutely hammered.

The Average Person Consumes About 6000 Calories On Thanksgiving
Let’s all be thankful this year for good metabolism and cheat days.

Ben Franklin Loved Turkeys
He actually wanted turkey to replace the bald eagle as symbol of the nation.



Jingle Bells Was Originally A Thankgiving Song
The song was composed in 1857 and was so popular they sang it again a month later when Christmas arrived. And we still haven’t stopped, over 160 years later.

Thomas Jefferson Hated Thanksgiving
He thought it was the most ridiculous notion ever and didn’t approve of its celebration.

Turkeys Are The Only Poultry Native To The West
So turkeys are delicious and as American as it gets.



Thanksgiving Is Responsible For 1/6th Of The Annual Turkey Consumption
That’s a pretty huge chunk, considering it’s only 1/365th of the year.

The “Tom” Turkey Got Its Name To Spite Jefferson
Franklin named the male turkey a “Tom” because Thomas Jefferson hated turkeys. This is a level of pettiness I can wholeheartedly approve.