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Things Tattoo Artists Hate So You Can Avoid Doing Them


Getting ink is a stressful moment for all parts involved: you’re getting your body permanently altered and your tattoo artist is trying to do his best to make your ideal tattoo come to life. While it’s obviously a huge moment and you’ll be pretty excited to get your tattoo done, there’s a couple of things that tattoo artists absolutely hate. If you want to avoid doing them on your next appointment, look below.



Showing Up Drunk
That’s probably a no-brainer, right? I mean, it’s probably best if you do this for pretty much every appointment you’ll ever have in life.



Scoffing Or Laughing At The Price
Art costs money, even body art. Pay the price or find someone else to do it. There’s no reason to be disrespectful about the price someone asks for their work.

Negotiating Price
Again: pay the price or find someone else to do it. A tattoo parlor isn’t a pawn shop, so don’t try to save a few bucks.

Show Up With A Bunch Of Besties
No. Just no. You had an appointment and you are welcome, but not your fifteen closest friends. Tattooing takes a lot of concentration, which simply isn’t possible when there’s a bunch of people giggling in the room.



Ask Them To Copy Someone Else’s Work
This usually means that the original artist is too expensive for your liking, so you’re trying to get the same art for a cheaper price. It’s not a move that’s much appreciated, to say the least.

Being A Smartass
The tattoo artist will tell you what will fit and what size everything can/should be. Don’t argue with them, it’s their job. Work on a compromise if you have to, but trust your artist to know what’ll look best.

Not Showing Up
If you get cold feet at the last moment, just call your tattoo artist so he/she can schedule another appointment in your time slot. This is someone’s job, you’re costing them money by not letting them know you won’t show up.



Ignore Aftercare
Look, you can’t expect the tattoo artist to do everything for you. They put the ink on your body how you want it, so you should treat the tattoo the way they want it. It leads to the best results, really. And it avoids infection. Win-win.

Take A Smoke Break
Just lie down and be patient. You’re getting a tattoo, I’m sure you can last for 15 minutes longer without having a cigarette.