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Things 90’s Kids Could Do That Today’s Kids Can’t



The 90’s were a wonderful time to grow up, weren’t they? With the technological advancements society has seen since then, it’s almost as if the world was a completely different place 30 years ago. Also, yes, the 90’s started almost 30 years ago. Feel old yet? Let’s take a look at some things that you could do back in those days that probably wouldn’t fly in the year of the Lord 2019.



Ride Over To A Friend’s House Just To See If He’s There
Oh the useless bike rides we did in those days. Ride for half an hour only to end up at an empty house and having to do the entire trip back again. I’ll admit texting someone to ask if they’re home is quite a bit easier, but that sense of adventure sure had its charms, didn’t it?


Choose Your Pictures Wisely Because You Only Had 20 On A Roll
Sure, you probably had a spare roll somewhere, but nothing compared to a smartphone that has enough memory to literally take a thousand pictures.



Have A Social Life Without Being Online
It’s hard to imagine keeping in touch with friends without Facebook these days. The 90’s didn’t have Facebook though, so you’d actively be trying to meet people as often as you could.


Not Know Anything About Politics
Remember when you had to go vote and barely knew anything about politics? With social media these days, it’s almost impossible to not be up to date on politics – international or foreign. That sucks for modern kids though, because politics are boring as heck.



Look Stuff Up On Anything That Isn’t Google
If you’ve never looked up stuff in an encyclopedia, you’ve never really looked something up. I mean, you could technically still do this, but why would you?


Hardly Hear From Anyone During Holidays
Not having to hear from people through social media whenever you had summer break was amazing. It was so easy to pretend certain people didn’t exist back then, where our “nearness” created by social media has pretty much made this impossible.



Feed Your Tamagotchi
Heck yeah, everyone had a Tamagotchi back then. And then you’d forget to feed it for a couple of weeks so it’d die – and you’d just get a new one! So much easier than real pets.