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These Pictures Show The Truth Behind Instagram Posts


Instagram has a lot in common with the Disney universe. It’s this magical place where young girls are raised to believe that the world is a much nicer place than it really is. It’s a very easy illusion to uphold in a world where every point of view is horribly cropped to perfection, whether online or in advertising. We grow up with ideas of perfect lives and suggestions on how to reach that life.



You could wake up one day and forget that reality is nothing more but a point of view, and a horribly limited one at that. There’s more than meets the eye to pretty much every story, yet somehow we’ve not managed to transpose that knowledge to imagery. We see a picture and we believe it to be true and close to reality, and yet it’s plain as day that the bigger picture can end up something different entirely.


You’d almost think people on the Internet spend an alarming amount of time in trying to make their life look so much more perfect than it really is. They spend hours looking for that perfect photograph that makes their life be more than what it is, with all filters that apply. And while the easiest reaction for us, the spectators, would be to be jealous of those people, remember one thing: these people look at their own pictures with the same level of jealousy. The only sad part is that they live the lie that’s hiding behind the picture every single day.


Don’t forget to be happy with who you are and what you’ve achieved in life. Not everyone gets to be Superman, and even Superman was a pretty shitty Superman sometimes. And I’m not just talking about the Zack Snyder Superman. Just be yourself – it’s probably hard enough as it is.