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These Pictures of Mushrooms and Slime Molds Will Make You Appreciate Them


It’s pretty much a universal thing that people consider molds to be … visually unpleasant. I won’t say they’re ugly because this article is going to prove me wrong (spoiler alert), but we rarely look at a fresh piece of fungi and think ‘oh, this is nice!’

The Instagram page of Californian-based photographer Marin will prove you wrong, though. He took amazing pictures of all the kinds of molds you can find in Northern California and the sheer volume of colors and shapes is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

If you were going to hunt for mushrooms to take pictures of, Northern California is one of the best areas you can go to. Hell, the area has so many types of mushrooms (about 650) that they took the effort of creating an entire website dedicated to the mushrooms you can find in California – with pictures and everything!

While I won’t bore you with the scientific differences between molds and fungi (or mushrooms as they’re more commonly called), it’s quite fascinating that molds and fungi are neither animals nor are they plants.

If nothing else, let this article prove that you shouldn’t just consider mushrooms and molds to be ugly or unpleasant to the eye, as you can see that some of these have truly vibrant colors that pop out of any landscape.

I mean, if you wouldn’t tell anyone, most people would probably not even believe that some of these colorful creations are molds!