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These Inventors Regret Their Invention, But At Least They Did Something With Their Life


At some point in life, most people encounter a huge amount of regret of things they did (or didn’t do). And at some point in life, most of those people realize that they’ve done nothing significant with their lives.


Very occasionally, even people that actually did something useful in their life later end up regretting that decision. Let’s take a look at some of them.



J. Robert Oppenheimer
“Now I become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” Yup, this guy invented the atomic bomb. Well, didn’t invent it, but he was a huge part in its creation and is considered the “father” of the atomic bomb.

Kamran Loghman
The inventor of pepper spray regrets that his invention – designed to protect the officers of the law – has been misused by the people it was supposed to protect in the first place.

Ethan Zuckerman
This guy – who looks like the most typical 90’s nerd you can find in a 90’s nerd town – invented the pop ups you see all the time on Internet pages. He has on multiple occasions apologized for creating it.

Bob Propst
The office cubicle is something we can thank Bob for. Because why would he hate the invention that treats office employees like criminals and allows employers to create as much work spaces as possible in as little space as needed.

Alfred Nobel
He discovered dynamite because he wanted to blast rocks to smithereens. Well, it didn’t take long for people to use his invention to blast other people to smithereens, so it’s pretty natural he ended up resenting it.

Dong Nguyen
He created Flappy Bird. He totally fits this list. Flappy Bird was a horrendous thing, and it impacted Dong (that’s his name) his personal life to the point where he realized that too.