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The Nose Warmer Is The Best Thing You Never Knew You Needed


Do you ever go out in the winter? Does your nose get all red and cold? Well, science fixed that problem for you: meet the nosewarmer!


Okay – we’ll be honest here. Yes, it looks silly. You’re obviously not going to make much friends when you’re wearing this, and honestly that makes perfect sense. You look like a tool if you’re wearing it. But your nose will be all snug and warm. The main question any potential Nose Warmer buyer needs to ask themselves is: do I prefer the company of people, or a warm nose? Not really a valid question, is it? Warm noses always win.

You can even get fancy and hip Nose Warmers with text added on top of them, so the people that are mocking you can instantly see what it is you’re trying to achieve in life. Or just get your name on it, so they can shout it back at you whilst they’re pointing and laughing. The options are endless, really.

All kidding aside, you might want to think of getting this if you’re going on a skiing trip. It’ll be below your mask anyway, so no one will notice. But you’ll feel its warmth and comfort, which is priceless in itself. Nose Warmer has a website where you can buy all their stuff. If nothing else, it’s a perfect Christmas gift for people you don’t really appreciate. It’s a gift, so you know they’ll be forced to wear it at least once. Someone will make pictures. It’s how the world works these days.