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The Most Expensive Sneakers You Can Buy Right Now



Much to Ed Stark’s dismay, winter has come and gone and springtime is the perfect time of the year to look for some new sneakers. And like most things in life, you can spend about as much money on these as you’d like. As finding cheap sneakers is fairly easy these days, it would probably be better to look at the other side of the financial spectrum.


Lo and behold: wickedly expensive sneakers.



Balenciaga Triple S
It looks like just another sneaker, but it’s priced at about $800. I mean, at this point we already know Balenciaga is ridiculously expensive, right?


Adidas Futurecraft 4D
These $300 shoes have become true collector’s items since their release in early 2018. If you want to get them now, you’ll have to pay anywhere from $760 up to $5000!



Air Jordan V Retro “Paris Saint Germain”
If you know anything about football, you probably know that Paris Saint Germain is the French team that throws money at everything. The special edition of these $200-$300 sneakers featured a more white look and was limited to friends and family of PSG members. They’re – of course – being sold in the aftermarkets for an average price of slightly over $2000, going up to top prices of almost $3500.


Air Max 1 Parra 2018
This Nike collaboration with Piet Parra was such a huge success after release that you’ll currently have to pay $1300 for a pair if you’re lucky – prices can go up to $5250.


Undefeated X Nike Kobe 1 Protro “Flight Jacket”
Considering how only 10 pairs of these were made, it’s no surprise that getting your hands on one can cost you up to $8000, right?



Adidas Yeezy
For a sneaker that’s very clearly designed together with Kanye West, it’s surprisingly cheap. It’ll only cost you about $300 to $400, depending on which specific type you’re buying (and how cheap the store is).


Air Jordan V Retro “Fresh Prince”
Oh look, another pair of expensive branded Air Jordans! These were made for Will Smith, in honor of that one successful TV show he had in the 90’s. These shoes were handed out to 23 winners of a raffle, and are – seriously, how are people still surprised by this – sold in the aftermarkets for a healthy number of $2500 up to $4500.



Adidas Pharrell NMD HU China Pack “Happy”
The “happy” of course doesn’t refer to Pharrell’s hit song, but to the fact that if you can spend $1800 to $9000 on a pair of sneakers, you should be happy. There’s only about 300 of them, so finding them is probably harder than realizing you shouldn’t be spending this amount of money on sneakers.