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The Most Expensive Fast Food In The World


“Fast food” usually also means “cheap food”, because why pay lots of money for something that’ll slowly clog up your arteries and kill you? Anyway, those days are about to change, because there’s apparently a whole lot of expensive fast food as well!


If you want to step up your fast food game, here’s how the 1% are doing it.



Gold Chicken Wings
They’re like regular chicken wings, but gold. And they cost $1,000 per plate. Just imagine how many actual chicken wings you can have for that money. Also, the gold is edible.



Westin Bagel
Yes, just one bagel. Don’t get me wrong, it looks like a top tier bagel, but it’s still $1,000 for a single bagel.

230 Fifth New York Hot Dog
Sure, it has truffles and caviar and stuff in it, but it’s a $2,300 hot dog so I was expecting a bit more, I guess. It’s longer than usual, but my girlfriend keeps telling me size doesn’t matter.



Pizza Royale
If you’re like pretty much every guy and like James Bond and Pizza, you can combine both of those for the cheap price of $4,200. For that money, you can eat a pizza. Thankfully it’s a large pizza.

If you think a $5,000 burger is crazy, the Fleurburger probably isn’t for you. For the price of a thousand Big Macs, you can get an haute cuisine burger that’ll probably taste worse than a Big Mac. No money in the world can replace that Big Mac sauce.



Seven Emirates Burger Stack
This burger is worth $10,000. It has caviar on it, including your entire savings account. This burger is a different story though, since it was sold for charity. Knowing this, it probably should’ve been even higher on the list. I doubt $10,000 is setting anybody in the Emirates back financially.

Renato Viola Pizza
If you’re into pizza but not into James Bond, you can have this cheap circle of goodness for $12,000. That’s a car. You can buy a car with that money.

How much would a taco filled with truffles, gold leaf and flowers cost? $25,000, that’s how much.



Royal Pizza Dubai
Why is it that every time something expensive comes up, something is bound to come out of Dubai sooner or later. This pizza is just a disc of dough with gold and caviar on top, and it’s $204,200. While the last pizza was just a regular car, this one is a (cheap) Lamborghini Huracan.

Bitcoin Pizza
The Bitcoin pizza goes for $65 million. Yup. It technically doesn’t exist, because this dates back to a time when Bitcoins were cheap. Some guy paid for his pizza with 10,000 Bitcoins, which would now be valued at about $65 million.