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The Best Foods to Gain Muscle Mass


New year, new you. We all start off the new year by making promises we know we can’t keep, like trying to get more fit. Since there’s no diet – sadly – that involves eating a lot of pie, let’s take a look at some foods that’ll help you gain muscle mass faster. You’ll still need to work out, though.



Beef has lots of protein and fats that’ll help you gain muscle mass really fast. There’s healthier alternatives, probably, but there’s nothing like a good steak.



Cottage Cheese
Again: you’re looking for protein and fats. Same rules apply here.

Tuna – and fat fish in general – has lots of good stuff for your body, including protein. And it’s got no carbs! They also have those sweet omega-3 fatty acids, which can slow the loss of muscle mass.

White meat is the best meat when you’re trying to gain muscle mass. Chicken especially has incredible amounts of protein in it, which will easily grow muscle.



Antioxidants are good for your body and fruits are filled with them!

More specifically – egg whites. You don’t need the yolk for your protein intake, and the yolk is the part that holds all the ridiculously high cholesterol, but you can add it if you want.

Fiber is good for you! Oatmeal will also decrease your hunger significantly, which means you’ll put a lot less unhealthy stuff in your mouth.



These bad boys are almost pure protein, so this is an easy way to add up on those protein without adding too much calories to your diet.

While these have a high calorie count, they also have a decent amount of protein and phosphorus – which helps burn fat during exercise.