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Surprising Facts About Donald Trump’s Marriage


Donald Trump has built an imperium of real estate, has been elected President of the United States despite no one thinking he could do it, has survived an impeachment procedure and is currently looking good in the polls to win another four years in the White House.

But since you can’t be successful in all aspects of life, let’s take a look at some surprising facts about Donald Trump’s marriage!

Hillary Clinton Was There

That’s right, the Clintons and Trumps used to get along just swimmingly – when it came to business. Donald and Bill even reportedly played golf together for a while.

Their Marriage Has The Classic Gender Roles

Meaning Melania takes care of Barron, while Donald tries to keep his business as successful as possible.

Melania Could Have Children, But …

Donald had a contract made where Melania had to promise to get her body and looks back from before the pregnancy.

Melania Didn’t Give Him Her Number

Although Donald did ask, Melania told him to give her his number and she would call him instead. I guess that’s the best way to avoid getting stalked by someone. Strangely enough, she did call him though.

There’s Some Rivalry Between Melania And Ivanka

Apparently Donald doesn’t hide the fact that Ivanka is the favorite child, which even leads to her taking over some of the duties one would expect from a First Lady. You can imagine the actual First Lady doesn’t really like the fact that her step-daughter is taking up her spot.

Melania Isn’t a Nagging Wife

I guess Donald finally found a wife that doesn’t nag and isn’t high maintenance for his third marriage. Melania’s obedience and loyalty to Donald is no secret, and also seems to be one of the cornerstones of their wedding.

Donald Launched Melania’s Career

Melania’s modeling career hadn’t really lifted before her relationship with Donald Trump. After she was introduced to him and started dating him, Donald gave her the lifestyle that matched a top model – and also supplied her with several big-time modeling gigs.