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Stunning Anime Tattoos by David Curieses


Thanks to the fantastic evolution of Japanese animation in the past few decades, a new direction has appeared in the art of tattooing. Intricate patterns, colorful characters, and unique art styles have united millions of fans around the world who are happy to lend their body to these unforgettable anime series.

From Gundam and One Piece to Pokemon, Death Note, and everything in between, anime has been a massive influence for many otaku throughout the years. It’s fairly obvious that anime has become super popular among children, teens, and adults, too. After watching over 900 episodes of any series, animated or otherwise, you’ll definitely want to keep your beloved characters close to you. Some buy merch, others prefer figurines, but there’s a bunch of hardcore fans who’d love to get Goku, or Luffy tattooed on their body.

And where there’s demand, there’s supply. This is how we get brilliant tattoo artists like David, who love anime and the characters they’re inking. You can tell David is particularly fond of Goku, Vegeta, and other badass Dragonball Z characters. A true fan of the craft.

Let’s take a quick look at some of his best work!

Is this Cell’s final form? Let’s hope not!

Chibi Goku is the best. No cosmic threats, no time travel, just cool adventures!

Mixing Goku, Sasuke, and Batman together? Bold strategy, cotton.

When in doubt, go Super-Saiyan.

Post-timeskip Roronoa Zoro, from One Piece.

Uchiha Itachi would look awesome on anyone.

Gear 4th Luffy is my favorite!

Is that Super-Saiyan-God-Super-Saiyan? I’m confused.

Have you watched Kimetsu no Yaiba yet? Tanjiro is waiting!

And more Super-Saiyan Goku for the fans!