Sam Farr From Bristol Took Selfies With His Same Barber For Over 40 Years, Because That’s What You Should Do


Loyalty is a very rare thing to come across in modern society. People seem to come and go as they please, but Bristol-born Sam Farr has spent the biggest part of his life going to the same barber, Joe Pace, in Bath.

As a true visionary of society, Sam started taking pictures with his barber as early as 1973. Both gentlemen kept on with the tradition until now, so let’s dive into their shared history.


Selfies didn’t really exist at the time, so Sam just decided to take a picture of himself and Joe in the mirror. Both men look like they’re about in their late twenties, early thirties.


We’re obviously over a decade later, and both men seem to have gained some weight and we still don’t have the proper technology to take a selfie. Joe’s mustache game in the 80’s seems like it was thoroughly on point.


As you can see from the facial expressions, these guys have become true friends over the years. I’ve never been this happy to take a picture with my barber. That said, I’ve never even had the intention of taking a picture with my barber.


And 42 years later, these guys are still having fun together. Also, kudos to Joe for changing his entire shop’s interior every decade or so.

It’s not hard to see that these guys have become true friends after all these years. And since we’re quickly approaching the new year, I think this story serves as a nice reminder that if you’re kind to other people, you might become best friends for life. Even with your barber.