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Princess Diana’s Aide Also Has Something To Say About Meghan And Harry


In case you haven’t really been paying attention these last few months, there’s quite a few problems going on in the British monarchy right now. Prince Harry (is he still a prince? I’m not sure how that works) and his wife Meghan Markle left the United Kingdom, renounced their royal titles (except for some of them, I guess) and gave a huge interview on Oprah about what the British Royal Family is really like.

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The easiest thing to do at that point was paint a parallel between Meghan Markle and Harry’s mother, Princess Diana. It had been done lots of times before, but it wasn’t until the interview that people started treating Meghan like the new Diana. 

Naturally, Harry would want to avoid his wife and the mother of his children to share the tragic fate of his mother, so leaving the family that had been his only support in life was not the easy choice to make, but the right one. 

Now Diana’s former aide, Patrick Jephson, has come out and pretty much confirmed that shortly before Diana’s passing, the situation in the British monarchy was similar indeed. And despite this being blown up in the media and becoming a situation known all around the world, he does mention that this is nothing more but a family rift and it should be treated as such.

And just like Diana gave that infamous interview with Martin Bashir back in 1995, Meghan has now done the same on Oprah’s couch. It seems not much has changed in the British Royal Family for the last 25 years. Patrick believes that the responsibility for trying to close this rift lies with the family itself and not with Harry or Meghan. He’s hoping on intervention from well-intentioned people to heal the damage that has been done, although at this point no such signs have appeared.

At the recent funeral of Prince Philip, Harry and William did not look like they were on speaking terms at all, and didn’t even walk next to each other. In true British monarchy fashion, there has been no official response from Buckingham Palace yet. Only time will tell if they’ll follow Patrick’s advice and take the time to bring their family back together. Especially now with the tragedy of Philip’s passing, it would be a good time to seek comfort with each other.