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People From Our Favorite Advertisements, Then And Now


I always remember the nineties with a sense of melancholy and youthful glee. The world truly was a different place back then. Wearing fluorescent clothing was considered cool. Biggie and Tupac were alive. Trump wasn’t president of the United States. Pokémon were relatively new. Dragonball Z wasn’t finished yet. I could go on.
But the most defining thing about those golden days was that commercials were awesome. I remember spending night after night watching boring shows with intricate plots and carefully thought out characters, only to woefully pray for the next commercial break so I could be properly informed about which product is best at what it does.
And just as memorable as Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, young Leo DiCaprio and Keanu Reeves were the people that starred in those commercials. You know who I’m talking about. Let me take you on the sweetest of trips down memory lane and guide you through some commercial hotshots, then and now.



The Kinder Chocolate Guy
This guy – Günter Euringer – was the face for Kinder Chocolate for a whopping 32 years (1973 until 2005). As this goes in the rough world that is advertisement Hollywood, he was replaced by someone younger and prettier when he reached his ripe age. He was replaced by the next guy in this list.



The Kinder Chocolate Kid
Speaking of Dragonball Z, this dude’s hair makes me think he actually achieved the power level of the legendary Super Saiyan! But it was only supposed to be a myth! Someone warn Lord Freeza! Also, his eyes are freakishly blue now. Oh, his name is Josh Bateson.

The Old Spice Guy
Look at the picture of Isaiah Mustafa on the right. Now the left. Now back to the right. Now back to the left. This is the guy, the guy on the right could look like. But he doesn’t, because he’s a bunch of years older.

The Lego Girl
Rachel Giordano never told me stepping on these cubes of pain would hurt this much. She only promised fun and excitement.

The Marlboro Guy
Poor Darrell Winfield kept smoking Marlboro. He died of lung cancer back in 2015. While this may seem tragic, the real tragedy is that this man was more loyal to his brand of cigarettes than most men are to their wives. For that, sir Winfield, I salute you.

The Dr. Pepper Girl
Donna Loren spent 5 years being the public face of Dr. Pepper, the one unhealthy drink in the world I can’t seem to like. Donna was a singer and actress besides her breakthrough role as a soda poster model.

The Life Breakfast Cereal Kid
Well, not that there’s such a thing as a dinner cereal. Or so narrow-minded fools tell me. Fiber is good for any meal of the day, ask any real doctor that agrees with me. Anyway, John Gilchrist started out as the Life kid Michael, and is currently an advertising executive.