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Oddly Satisfying GIFs of Random Stuff Melting


Ever since humans tamed fire, they’ve been experimenting with all kinds of things to determine if they can be turned into something awesome when the flame melts them. Later on we got jet fuel, electricity, lasers and every pyromaniac’s best friend – the blowtorch. And let’s not forget about acids, because those pesky suckers can ruin your day in a jiffy!

The guys from LET’S MELT THIS channel on YouTube decided it would be awesome to, well, melt things using any means necessary. And they did so good. Go check their channel for more videos and for now, let’s melt some sh@t!



Is that a jawbreaker or a freaking galaxy right there?



No matter how hard you try, the smile still stays on.



“Once I had a little sock but now it is no more. For what I thought was H2O was H2SO4” by MemoryAmethyst

It’s just a glass marble ball, but it looks like taffy.



Melting cotton candy the hard way.



Got lucked out? Break that sucker open with a blowtorch!

Taste the rainbow!… On the other hand, don’t.



Better try this happy rainbow ice cream!
oddly-satisfying-GIFs-of-random -stuff-melting-00



Steel wool seems to be highly flammable



That’s a steel nail being melted with electricity

The most unromantic thing you’ll ever see: melting a rose with sulfuric acid.



Is that a glow stick or a… oh, definitely a d*ldo, nvm.



Whoops! How’d that get in here? Someone opened the Ark again?



P.S. Jet fuel still can’t melt steel beams!