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Is Kanye Actually Running For President?


Whether you follow Kanye West on social media or not you’ve probably heard that he chose to announce on 4th of July – American Independence Day, that he’s running for president this year. Kanye announced this via Twitter, saying something about having to make good on the promise of America and trusting God and building a future. He then stated he’s running for president of the US”. All this was accompanied by the American flag emoji and #2020vision. Now is he serious? Is it possible? Or is this another publicity stunt by Kanye?

This isn’t the first time Kanye has mentioned that he wants to be the president of America. It was at the 2015 MTV Music Awards that we heard this say he’s going to run for president for the first time and we thought he was joking then. He also mentioned it last year and said he’s going to do it in 2024 and even said he was going to change his name to Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West in the ballot.

Speaking of the president, do we all still remember that Kanye actually said he supports Trump and that he went to visit the White House and talk to Trump and they got along so well that Kanye said Trump made him feel like superman and they even discussed the possibility of Kanye running for president and Trump said it could very well happen. And then Kanye said that he obviously wouldn’t do it until Trump’s presidency is over. Yeah, that happened, he even donned the “make America great” hat at some point.

In fact, Kim and Kanye seem to be on good terms with the current administration. Kim has spoken to Trump too and even got a few prisoners released. Speaking of Kim, she has responded to Kanye’s tweet by replying to him with an American flag emoji too. Not that we expected anything less. It’s Kim, she would support her husband no matter what.

And when it comes to Kanye’s support things get even weirder. So we already know that Trump and him get along and they’ve discussed Kanye’s possible presidency (even if it was in passing), we know that Kim supports him and if needed could help fund his campaign, what with her recently becoming a billionaire. But here’s a curveball, Elon Musk has also tweeted in response to Kanye’s “running for president” announcement saying that Kanye has his full support. Now we have a very strange situation where these few sort of crazy people have enough money and power amongst them to make this crazy tweet by Kanye a reality. But has Kanye taken any serious steps in that direction?

It’s hard to tell. It doesn’t look like he’s actually registered his name or any variation of it with the Federal Election Commission. It’s also too late for him to join parties so he would have to enter the elections as an independent candidate. In order to do that he’d have to meet certain criteria, register and get the right amount of signatures in most states by a specific date that’s different for every state. Kanye’s already past that deadline in New York, Texas, and a few other states, but he still has the time for the majority of the states. But will he or is he making outrageous announcements for publicity?

We wouldn’t put it past Kanye to make this announcement in order to bring attention to his new album “God’s Country” that’s about to come out. Or maybe this is his way of promoting his new song Wash Us In The Blood. It’s also hard to interpret Kanye’s tweet. Does #2020vision mean he’s running for president in 2020 or that he’s got a clear vision of the fact that he should run for president in the next election? Only time will tell, but with the way 2020 has been going so far, anything could happen.