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How Life Has Changed In The Last 20 Years


You’ve probably heard your parents utter the phrase “back when I was young …” a lot throughout the course of your life. Looking back on how the world used to be is a natural reflex, and with the world seemingly going in the wrong direction it’s all the more logical to look at how things used to be. Add to that the amazing developments in technology and we’re basically living in an entirely different dimension.


Let’s see how life has truly changed the last 20 years. Just so you’ll know where your parents are coming from the next time you heard that phrase.



We All Have Smartphones
This is probably the most obvious one. A couple of decades ago, smartphones – actually, regular cellphones as smartphones didn’t exist yet – were only for the rich and were considered a luxury. In our current day and age, most people can’t even imagine living without one.



Food Is A Social Thing
We eat out more, and restaurants pay more attention to presentation. There’s no better marketing plan than your clients posting your food all over Instagram.

Terrorism Isn’t Just Happening “Out There”
Ever since 9/11, terrorism has become a genuine threat for most countries at most times. We’re still seeing the occasional terrorist attack every now and then, everywhere around the world.

Television Has Changed
Classic television has taken a backseat because of streaming services like Netflix. You can now watch your favorite shows on the road, as long as you have a connection to the internet. Which is pretty much everywhere these days.



We Can’t Smoke Indoors
Hey – it’s not all bad! No second-hand smoke!

Vacation Is A Thing Of The Past
No matter how much we want to deny it – who hasn’t watched their work mails when on holiday? Just a quick peek now and then won’t hurt, right? Wrong!

The President Tweets!
The president’s Twitter account is one of the best. It’s the greatest in the business, believe me.

No One Uses Voicemail
Honestly, voicemail had a pretty short lifespan. If someone doesn’t answer, just text them. Voicemail is entirely useless.