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Greatest Countries In The History of Mankind


While we’ve been spending about four years or so trying to make America great again, we seem to have forgotten that history has had quite a bit of great countries already. While we can’t always have the same country on top, we can clearly say that in certain periods, certain countries were just objectively better than others.
Let’s take a look.
United Kingdom
Considering how powerful these guys were in the 19th century, it’s hard to not put them on this list. They sailed across the oceans and at one point had an empire that spanned for about 25% of the Earth’s surface, not to mention a third of its population. They also introduced the modern forms of democracy we know now, only to destroy that notion themselves with the Brexit vote.

Democracy, the Olympics, philosophy, politics, literature… Greece had it all. They’re generally seen as the cradle of western civilization and it’s probably hard to argue that point.


The United States
If you’re talking sheer economic and military power, the US has always been the country to contend with. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, there hasn’t really been a country that has been able to challenge the US for its position as top dog. How long will it last, though?

I mean, apart from the fact that most western culture was pretty much copy-pasted from the ancient Romans, they also started the Renaissance, have amazing food and make some of the best wines in the world. Ever since Jesus was born, this country has been guiding us towards the good life.

While China’s ancient dynasties were nothing to scoff at in terms of power and influence, the modern China is also slowly but surely working its way up to the top of the list of economic superpowers.


India was where some of the first human settlements were made. It was the central economical hub of the world, with many trade routes going through India.

The pharaohs! Their insane knowledge of mathematics! Irrigation techniques! Slavery! Well, maybe not the last one. But those pyramids sure look nice though, don’t they?


Mother Russia almost has a godlike status among its citizens, and it’s always been a huge world power. They beat back the Ottomans, Hitler and Napoleon, which isn’t something that can be said for a lot of countries.