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Gourmet Food Gifts for Every Occasion


Sometimes, it’s just unbelievably hard to choose a gift for someone, even for the closest person. Everything in those original gift shops aren’t original anymore and you are out of days for thinking about what present to choose and please that one special person. Instead of buying boring gift cards, endless teacups, why not to bring food?
We all have that one friend who is always hungry. For him or her, such food gifts will be a great present each and every time. So let’s please your foodie friend with one of these delicious items.



Fitness juices
For those who are trying to keep it fit, there are variety of fit juices available. Detox or vitamin sets are great food gifts during winter, when fresh fruits aren’t always available. Plus, these mini bottles always look nice and bright!

Creative choco bars
Traditional choco bars are too simple and boring as food gifts. Let’s switch to those that look super original and creative! There are plenty of variants available: with nuts, fruits, pepper etc. But the main thing is an artistic decoration. You friend will have a hard time deciding to eat those pretties.

Homemade cookies
It’s a great food gifting idea for those who want to save some money and adore baking (well, not just adore but have some minimal skills).

Spices kit
Here you should be pretty accurate choosing the ones your friend or family member likes. The good thing is, there are many ways to decorate this food gift: you can choose pretty jars, little boxes, paper or plastic bags adding beautiful ribbons, glitter and other elements to make it look so special.

Caramel Sauces
This is the one food gift you can also make by yourself without any super culinary skills. Try making salted caramel sauce! You’ll want to add it to every dish (including the most irrelevant ones). This sauce requires a few simple ingredients: brown sugar, heavy cream, vanilla extract, salt and water. If you’ve got these at home, consider your delicious food gift ready. Find a beautiful container for it and decorate it as you wish.

Marshmallows can make any day brighter! They can be prepared with various stuffing, depending on the season. Yes, you may actually add berries, fruits or chocolate drops to marshmallows, whatever your friends might prefer. Prepare a huge bag of these as a food gift for any occasion.

Jar mix
Here your imagination may explode. With endless opportunities, this food gift will fit any person. So your gran is a perfect baker. Fill a jar with all needed baking ingredients making layers of them. Add a sticker with a description and recipe and you’ve got a great baking kit!
You can make layers with sweets, nuts or dried fruits for sweet-tooth adding labels with funny quotes to your food gift.

Who doesn’t love it? Granola is a perfect breakfast: quick, tasty and healthy, it will make a terrific food gift! You can buy it anywhere in stores as well as making granola by yourself. There are options of giving DIY granola: arrange all the ingredients separately (so you friend can choose proportions), or give already prepared mix. Choose a nice mason jar or a bag and decorate your food gift. Ready!