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Global Warming Is Moving Faster Than We Thought


Climate change has been gripping people all over the world for the last few years, because we’ve slowly but surely begun to realize that our carbon emissions are problematic and have an influence on the climate that can actually damage our planet in the long term.


Sadly, research has now shown that despite our most pessimistic predictions of climate change – and more specifically, the speed at which the polar caps are melting – it’s actually going a lot faster than we dared anticipate.



And we’re not talking about a small amount, either. According to actual measurements (you know, unlike the arguments climate negationists use) the caps are melting almost 20% faster than what was originally projected. If we go back a little in time, that means that the speed at which the ice caps are melting has gone up about 500% in the last half century. If that doesn’t sound alarming to you, I don’t know what will.




If we keep up this rate of fossil fuel use and keep using electricity and technology without any form of restrain, it’s all but confirmed that most ice glaciers won’t survive the century. While that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll be a problem for our current generation, it does mean that our grandchildren or at best their children will have to grow up in a world that looks vastly different from the one we currently live in. And the only reason they have to do so, is because we couldn’t handle the responsibility of our technology.


Sounds unfair, doesn’t it?