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Foods That (Almost) Won’t Expire



Expiration dates have been the bane of mankind ever since we invented the calendar. So because the current date is later than the date printed on my food, I should throw it away? Nonsense!


Join the revolution, buy foods that don’t expire!



Honey lasts forever because bees are smarter than humans. I’ll save you the technical details, but they once found a jar of honey that was guesstimated at 5500 years old. Even Yoda didn’t last that long.


Airtight containment is probably good advice. As long as you keep the sugar dry, it’ll last for practically forever.



Well, it’s just a mineral, really. Minerals last forever. It’s even used as something to preserve other food. Sadly, the regular table salt has iodine added to it in most cases, which drastically cuts its longevity to about 5 years.


White Rice
White rice can last for over 30 years if you keep it under certain conditions. The most important seem to be an oxygen-free container and below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Seems like a simple enough rule for 30 years of rice.


Hard Liquor
The flavor will probably change over the years, but you’ll still be able to get your rocks off just fine. Remember this next time you find grandpa’s stash of scotch and think you should throw it away.



Soy Sauce
Even opened, this stuff can last for years in your fridge. Unopened, however, it’s almost as if time has no effect at all on it.


Dried Beans
While they aren’t as tasty after 30 years (they tested this), they are still deemed to be “acceptable for use in an emergency situation” (they also tested this). So there. It won’t taste good, but at least it’ll be decent enough for when you’re literally dying.



Powdered Milk
I mean, the main reason powdered milk even exists is because it lasts longer than regular, liquid milk. It’s not like it fills any other role than fresh milk does, and it doesn’t even taste as good.