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Eight Secrets To Staying Young (According to Shaolin Monks)


You’re only as old as you feel, right everybody? Well, sort of. Just remember to always follow proper boundaries. For instance, are you still hanging out at the high school parking lot even though you graduated 20 years ago? Not the best idea. It’s time to move on from the glory days, son. But don’t feel bad, there are other ways in which you can demonstrate that you’re young at heart. For the famed Shaolin monks, best known for their mad kung fu fighting skills, the key to staying young is all about maintaining the right state of mind. Here are some grains of ancient Chinese wisdom that will help you fend off Father Time.



1. Don’t Be in a Rush
Everybody has this idea in their heads that multitasking is how you demonstrate competencies. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Trying to get everything done at once is not how you keep your eye on the ball, and it will only make you feel anxious, which in turn will earn you a few more grey hairs. Take things slow, stay focused on the individual objective at hand, and concentrate on quality rather than quantity.



2. Stretch and Relax
We all know that exercise is an important way to stay healthy and ward off the effects of aging, but taking the time to stretch and recuperate is even more important, especially if you are engaging in strenuous activities. It allows you to maintain the right balance, along with avoiding potential injuries.

3. Take Breaks
Rest is essential if you want to stay young. When you’re at work, make sure to take a breather from time to time even if you’ve got a hectic schedule. This doesn’t mean getting up every 10 minutes to fix yourself a coffee in the break room, of course. If you’ve got a typical 9-5 job, take a 15-minute break during the first 4 hour block, a 30/60 minute lunch, and a second 15-minute break in the late afternoon.

4. Keep Your Gabbing to a Minimum
Are you the type of person who likes to talk, talk, and talk some more? According to Shaolin monks, talking more than you should is using up energy that could be used for better purposes. So unless your job truly requires it – even we’d concede that taking this advice if you were, say, a motivational speaker would be super inconvenient – live the motto “actions speak louder than words.”



5. Resist the Feeling of Anger
Nothing good comes from constantly fuming when something doesn’t go your way. In fact, the idea that anger produces a satisfying, cathartic effect is a complete myth. Instead, feeling angry only makes a person want to feel even angrier. All of this creates needless stress and leads to premature aging.

6. Control Your Happiness
Are you one of those people who gets super giggly and then feels the compulsion to start chasing butterflies and squirrels? You’re my kind of person! But still, you should cut it out right now! Being happy is a good thing, says Captain Obvious. But it doesn’t mean you should go into a state of pure, unbridled joy. The extra energy you spend means the feeling of happiness ends sooner than it otherwise should.

7. Don’t Overthink
When you overthink, you’re not really focusing on solving the problems in your life. Even worse, it causes you to imagine the worst possible scenarios, even the most unlikely ones. This leads to unnecessary anxieties, which in turn cause you to age faster.

8. Control your Appetite
This isn’t merely about choosing foods wisely and forgoing the Krispy Kreme breakfasts either. The Shaolin monks encourage you to allow yourself to feel slightly hungry since it keeps you more alert. Resist the urge to grab a granola bar when hunger sets in because it will pass.