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Crazy Celebrity Predictions That Came True, Probably Out Of Sheer Luck More Than Anything Else!


We all like a good prediction every now and then. Remember when the Mayans said the Earth would die in 2012? It’s still alive and kicking, sticking it to the Mayans on a daily basis. I once predicted the lottery numbers and I was only 83% wrong. I can live with those numbers – I’ve been wrong before.
But apart from the Mayans and yours truly, celebrities have also dived into the territory of soothsaying and have made wild predictions. And as is usually the case when thousands of people make predictions, about a handful of them actually came true! Some of them are very applause-worthy, honestly.



David Prowse
Also known as Darth Vader. He casually mentioned that Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker’s father in an interview two years before Empire was released. The weird thing about this is that in the first draft for Empire, Darth Vader actually wasn’t Luke’s father.



Alec Guinness
We might as well get this article started with all the Star Wars actors that sensed a disturbance in the Force. Old Ben Kenobi talked to James Dean back in ’55 about Dean’s new car. After hearing that Dean hadn’t driven it and the car could go pretty fast, Obi-Wan warned him to not drive it. He said that if he did, he’d be dead by “next Thursday”. He wasn’t entirely right since Dean died in a car crash the next Friday, but close enough. Guinness also made this claim over 20 years after the fact, so add grains of salt as you please.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian told everyone she’d be famous. “I told everyone as an eighth grader I’d be a Super Saiyan when I got older”, she said. Not saying Kim was wrong, but just trying to point out that eight graders aren’t exactly known for making realistic predictions. It also depends on whether you think the Saiyans were famous and successful. Also, the way Kim got famous is considered cheating to a lot of people.

Tom Hanks
Talking about an actual star that predicted becoming famous: 18 year old Tom Hanks wrote a letter to director George Roy Hill asking him to be discovered as an actor. Sure enough, he’s now considered as one of the best actors of his generation.



Kevin Smith
We all know at this point that Kevin Smith and Ben Affleck are pretty close. When Ben made a joke about Kevin’s handwriting, saying he could be a doctor, Kevin responded “but you couldn’t be Batman”. Guess Affleck had the last laugh on that one. Well, pretty sure the movie critics had the last laugh, but whatever.

Jimmy Fallon
Back in 1998, Alec Baldwin had a skit where he went to the future. There, in 2011, Jimmy Fallon explained that he’d become famous and he’d host SNL in 2011. At the time, Fallon was considered a nobody, so no one expected this to happen. On December 17, 2011, Jimmy Fallon finally first hosted SNL so the prediction came true.

Arthur C. Clarke
The famous author made loads of predictions back in the seventies. He predicted the internet in great detail, predicted cellphones and even the Apple watch. Considering that in the seventies the Internet was only used in the military for long-range communications, these predictions were about as improbable as Back to the Future’s prediction about hover boards.

Justin Bieber
You can like or hate Biebs but you can’t deny he’s got talent and what he excels at is his incredible confidence. He always knew he’s gonna be a superstar (with a bad haircut though).