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Celebrity Affairs That Ruined Careers


We’ve all pretty much grown accustomed to stories of celebrities having affairs or cheating on their spouses. It’s not something that shocks us anymore, sadly. The only reason why we care is because we know that the moment some celebrity gets caught cheating, the tabloids are going to release a stream of juicy gossip that no mortal man or woman can resist.

Sometimes, however, affairs can ruin careers. Let’s take a look at some situations where this was the case.

Jude Law

Despite Jude Law’s career doing great now, there was a time when Jude Law was virtually nowhere to be seen on the big screen. This of course had to do with his legendary affair where he cheated on his then-wife Sienna Miller with none other than the nanny. That’s right, Jude Law’s affair was nothing more than the plot of a cheesy porn flick.

Tiger Woods

We’ve all seen how Tiger Woods went from the man who brought golf to the average household to the man that brought juicy scandals to the average household. He tried to reinvigorate his career, but after the whole DUI mess in 2017, no one has heard much from Woods. And I think most people aren’t too sad about that.

Meg Ryan

Remember Meg Ryan? Yeah, no one else does, too. The main reason for it is basically that she had an affair with Russel Crowe and separated from her then-husband Dennis Quaid because of it. You don’t cheat on Dennis Quaid, Meg. Hollywood will never forgive you.

Jesse James

I get it, the tough biker guy gig takes a lot of work to uphold. But you don’t cheat on Sandra Bullock. And if you do, don’t start a relationship with Kat Von D and cheat on her too. Jesse tried to crawl back out of the hole he dug for himself by going back to his roots and making another garage reality show, but the public clearly didn’t want him out of his hole yet.

Gavin Rossdale

Imagine being the most famous one in the relationship, then having your wife overturn your fame and win the hearts of the people, only for you to cheat on her with the nanny. Again! Jude Law could’ve told you that’s a bad idea. And as popular as Bush was in the ’90s, who’s heard of anything Gavin Rossdale has done after, well, he did the nanny? Meanwhile, Gwen Stefani is still a popular and loved artist. Like the Vegas rules say: cheaters never win.

Ryan Phillippe

You want to know a real bad career move? Separating from Reese Witherspoon and starting a new relationship only slightly after having separated from Hollywood’s most popular actress at the time. While the rumors of Ryan’s cheating on Reese were never proven, they were enough to make sure we never saw him in movies ever again. I’ll admit, that does seem a bit harsh and unfair towards Ryan.

Ben Affleck

Because we’ve only had two celebrities so far who have cheated on their wives with the nanny, it’s only natural that we mention Ben Affleck. While the rumors about him having a fling with the nanny were never proven, it does raise a lot of red flags that his marriage to Jennifer Garner ended right after the rumors started emerging. It took Ben a while to get back in Hollywood’s good graces, and honestly, I doubt he’s even gotten back on track yet. I mean, his career right now is basically being the second-worst Batman after George Clooney.