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Brother Creates A Phenomenal Dress For His Sister And Breaks The Internet


When parents can’t afford to buy their daughter a dress for school graduation, there’s only one person they can turn to — their genius son!

Lu Asey, a young girl from the Philippines, was preparing for her school graduation party, but she didn’t have anything fancy to wear.

Her parents did not have enough money to treat their daughter to a fabulous dress. But that’s where Maverick, their son, came to the rescue. He started off with a beautiful little sketch of the dress, then picked up some materials, a pair of scissors, grabbed a needle and thread and started making a unique outfit for his sister.

It sort of looked like something a Disney princess would wear. Thanks to Makerick’s remarkable talent, Lu was named the queen of the event.

To make his sister look the fairest of them all at the party, the young fashion designer added artificial flowers and shiny decorations to the fabric. Lu’s classmates were awestruck!

If you think “well, he must be a fashion design student or something” but nope, Maverick studies culture at the university, and it took him a week and a half to finish the dress. Which BTW, was right on time.

The graduation party was on Valentine’s Day, so for them, it was the best time to demonstrate his skills to the world.

Naturally, the Internet went wild when people saw that gorgeous homemade dress. To think that all sometimes all it takes is some creativity and a whole bunch of iron resolve.

Who knows, maybe in a couple of years we’ll see Maverick in Milan or Paris presenting his own line of fancy dresses. But until then, we wish him the best of luck!