British Designer Uses Human Sweat to Create Jewelry and Accessories


Have you ever created something out of nothing? You probably have, even though it’s more metaphorical rather than literal. A slew of tasty fresh ingredients make a delicious burger; a billion tiny metal parts can turn into a fancy car; the littlest strands, woven together, transform into a slick tuxedo… or at least that’s what the world wants you to think! Wanna know the truth? With a bit of patience, human bodies can create their own clothes, as proven by Alice Potts over on Instagram. She has turned fiction into reality by creating a line of jewelry and accessories using sweat crystals and biobased plastics produced by the human body. Some fans are already signal-boosting Alice’s creations as an environmentally friendly alternative for the future.

Her collection includes sports and fashion pieces, as well as a plethora of seemingly random items that are enriched with crystallized sweat. The first question on everyone’s mind is, of course, “why”? According to the artist herself, this way, she creates a collection that focuses on finding the perfect balance between body, fashion, and science. Is such an approach feasible to become the future of fashion? Only if we sweat enough!

Now let’s check out some of Alice’s pieces before the rain washes them away.

1. It’s true that salt crystals look beautiful and unique, but knowing that it came from a human just doesn’t sit well with me. Hard practice makes for hard crystals, right?

2. Oh yeah, throw those nasty sweat crystals on the fur! That would be some proper leather working if the salt was on the other side.

3. When sweat and seaweed combine, there’s no way to tell what will happen.

4. This one at least has a solid concept: the dancer sweats, sweat is salty, seawater is also salty. Therefore, we have the thingies symbolizing ocean waves.

5. Would you wear accessories made of your own sweat? That’s a big nope from me.

6. Whatever this is, it looks unnerving. It’s like some alien creature!

7. Sweat is Alice’s forte, of course, but bioplastic is the close second.

8. Here are some actually fancy-looking bioplastic sequins made from London roses.

9. And for dessert, we sawed this shoe in half! Loot how many crystals someone’s sweaty tootsies produced. Oof!