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Best Fantasy Worlds Ever Created



Ever since the dawn of the fantasy genre, it’s piqued the imagination of many people all around the world. Many popular series have come to pass, each with their own characteristic world that has a unique feeling and dynamic to it. It breathes life into the story, the characters and the stakes that our heroes have to fight for.


Since reading or watching every work of fantasy that’s ever been created might be a bit much, we’re going to save you some precious time and list out the best fantasy worlds ever created.



George R.R. Martin created what’s probably the most popular fantasy world at the moment. With the last season of Game of Thrones upon us, people are more willing than ever to dive into the depths of Westeros one last time.


The Star Wars Galaxy
That other George, George Lucas, created what was probably the first fantasy universe in outer space. Because of this, some people still think Star Wars is science fiction but it’s honestly just knights and wizards with glowing swords. The war between Jedi and Sith has excited people for over 40 years now.



Tolkien created what is probably the first cookie cutter fantasy world. There’s no fantasy story out there that won’t have some link to the story of the Lord of the Rings in there somewhere, and that can hardly be considered a bad thing.


Land of Oz
The Wizard of Oz was probably the world’s first “mainstream” introduction to fantasy worlds. While the world doesn’t seem like anything special today, it does hold a special place in the history of fantasy because it showed people that fantasy can have deep stories as well.


Yes, video games have created amazing worlds too. Millions of people still visit Azeroth every day to continue the story of the World of Warcraft. The war between the Horde and the Alliance has been going on since the very first Warcraft game, and we don’t expect it to die down anytime soon.


Alice’s Wonderland
One of the weirder fantasy worlds, Wonderland has elements that can entertain both children and adults. Whether you’re reading the books or watching the movies, you’re in for quite the ride once you go down the rabbit hole!



The legend of Zelda has introduced us to the amazing world of Hyrule where many a gamer has spent countless hours trying to rescue princess Zelda from whatever kerfuffle she found herself in at the time.


Originally created back in the day with Robin Williams in the lead role, the most recent movie has seen Dwayne Johnson take over as the leader of the group traveling through the game world of Jumanji.


The Harry Potter Universe
Apart from the weird facts J.K. Rowling keeps sharing on her Twitter page, the world of Harry Potter is filled with amazing lore and backstories that can keep children of all ages entertained for countless hours of reading.



Avatar’s Pandora
While the story of Avatar was basically Pocahontas with blue people, the world of Pandora was nothing short of awesome to look at. Apart from Star Wars, this is probably the most innovative fantasy world we’ve seen since Tolkien jumpstarted the genre.