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Awesome Mouth-Watering Food Innovations


Food has evolved into a form of art in recent years. Not only do we now care about what we eat, we also care about how special it is. This might sound a bit odd, and perhaps decadent, but it has been the main driving force behind the innovations we’ve seen in the food industry in more recent years.

Here’s a few of the best ones that are bound to make your mouth water instantly.

Blue Wine

Say what now? Yup, blue wine is a thing. It’s a combination of red and white grapes, but the color has been pretty much confirmed by research to come from artificial food coloring. I’m sure that’s kind of considered cheating, but it’s still pretty impressive.

Blue Wine | Awesome Mouth-Watering Food Innovations | Brain Berries

Sous Vide Cooking

This sounds a bit weird, but it’s actually a cooking technique where you just put the food into a plastic bag and submerge it into water. This will allow you to cook your food without needing to carefully watch it, and result in a perfect cook almost all the time. The equipment you need to do this is pretty expensive though. It’s possible with regular household equipment, but don’t expect it to be as easy.

Sous Vide Cooking | Awesome Mouth-Watering Food Innovations | Brain Berries

Pink “Ruby” Chocolate

If you ever get tired of white, brown or black, there’s also pink now! It has a unique sourness to it that you can’t find in other chocolate varieties, but it does have the downside of not yet being very easy to obtain in stores.

Pink “Ruby” Chocolate | Awesome Mouth-Watering Food Innovations | Brain Berries

Cotton Candy Grapes

Despite this sounding like it’s genetically modified, the cotton candy flavored grapes are actually the result of meticulous crossbreeding of natural grapes. No genetic manipulation involved. These grapes cost a bit more, but they’re cotton candy that actually has vitamins in it. That’s well worth the price.

Cotton Candy Grapes | Awesome Mouth-Watering Food Innovations | Brain Berries

Black Water

Yup, it’s just water and it looks pitch black. It’s a nice marketing gimmick, but sadly most of what the creators of the so-called BLK Water claim has been debunked by now. It’s just water mixed with some parts that I can only refer to as “old soil”. I guess there’s nothing much wrong with that.

Black Water | Awesome Mouth-Watering Food Innovations | Brain Berries

Black Ice Cream

Everything’s black now, isn’t it? This black ice cream has activated charcoal in it. The downside to having activated charcoal in this ice cream is that it can be detrimental for people taking medication of any kind, as activated charcoal removes medication from your body. This also works for birth control pills, just so you know.

Black Ice Cream | Awesome Mouth-Watering Food Innovations | Brain Berries

Edible Water Orbs

As ecology grows more and more important and we want our products to become more sustainable, plastic is one of the biggest issues we need to find and answer for. Some company decided to make edible water “bags” made of algae, allowing you to either eat your water container or just throw it away since algae are biodegradable.

Edible Water Orbs | Awesome Mouth-Watering Food Innovations | Brain Berries

Bleeding Plant-Based Burgers

Part of eating meat is having that amazing saignant succulent piece of meat in front of you. As plants usually don’t bleed, not having that juicy experience is part of the reason why plant-based meat hasn’t quite been the same so far. Some vegan scientists have managed to combine just the right amount of plants (loads of them, really) to mimic a burger not only in looks and taste, but also in juiciness.