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9 Sports That Can Kill You


Guys, if there was a way to create a sport that combined a football, baseball bat, ice skates and basketball hoop, I would totally watch it. Actually, no, because that would be a complete disaster. But I am crazy about sports, the fact remains that it’s all fun and games until somebody gets killed. Here’s a look at 10 of the most dangerous sports.



10. Boxing
The fact that boxing makes the list shouldn’t come as a surprising considering the primary goal is to punch somebody in the face so hard that they collapse cold onto the mat. Studies have found that around 90% of professional boxers experience some degree of brain damage and are prone to diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s (the latter of which legend Muhammad Ali succumbed to). If you think the point of the gloves is to soften the blows, think again. They’re actually designed to protect the hands, which means boxers are free to rearrange each others’ faces until the cows come home.



9. Big wave surfing
When you factor in waves reaching up to 20 feet up, the danger of a wipeout leading to the head colliding with the surfboard, and the added risk of the surfboard leash restricting mobility, it can be said that big wave surfing definitely should be left to the professionals. But as the tragic death of surfing legend Mark Foo back in 1994 demonstrates, even the best can succumb to this sport’s dangers.

8. Extreme Highlining
Highlining is a form of slacklining that takes place at a high elevation above ground or water. In most cases, the participants use harnesses, helmets, ropes and a variety of safety equipment since they want to live. But some people take this sport to dangerous heights by walking from one end of the line to the other with nothing but their feet and balancing abilities to keep them from plunging to their doom. I have a brilliant idea. Let’s not try this, sound good?



7. Heliskiing
You know what boring ol’ skiers do? They use ski lifts and ski down slopes used by mere mortals. But those who want to spice up their ski lives use helicopters to access remote mountain areas that are so dangerous that few would dare ski down from them. This practice is too extreme for Germany and France, with both countries having banned heliskiing.

6. Cheerleading
Cheerleading isn’t just about shaking pom-poms and pretending like you understand what the hell is going on out there on the football field. The competitive version is a legitimate sport that requires the same skills as a gymnast. You’ve got the front and back flips, being throw into the air and (hopefully) being caught by your male teammates. Cheerleading is in fact, such a risky sport that some of the more extreme stunts are banned because crashing face first onto the floor hurts, like, a lot.



5. Mountain biking
Cycling already sounds crazy to me, not to say about mountain biking.

4. Bullfighting
Bullfighting is for the brave. And when I say “brave” I actually mean “idiotic.” You’re basically trolling an already pissed off bull by waving that red cape around, and one mistimed move results in a good horn goring up the old highway, as Mexican Bullfighter Antonio Romero can tell you all about, assuming he’s recovered mentally and physically.

3. Deep sea diving
There’s nothing dangerous about scuba diving… unless you’re attempting to swim with the dolphins (aka, the murder machines of the ocean!!!) Okay, that’s not true. But what is totally not a lie is the risk that people are taking when they take scuba diving to the extremes by venturing deep under the water. There is always the danger of drastic changes in pressure, which can rupture eardrums and cause severe damage to the sinuses. Then there is the issue of prolonged exposure to nitrates and helium, which can create confusion and lethargy, resulting in death since the unfortunate diver becomes too weak to return to the surface.



2. Street Luging
Ice luging isn’t a sport for people who are terrified of the idea of whizzing by at speeds of 140km (87mph). But at least you’ve got brakes! The same can’t be said if you’re a street luger, where speeds can exceed 160km (100mph) and… putting on the brakes won’t work since your luge board doesn’t actually have any.

1. Base Jumping
While skydiving will always have its risks (you’re plummeting from the sky 15,000 feet above ground, after all), it is an overwhelming safe activity. Base jumping, on the other hand, is extremely dangerous and generally illegal. We’re talking about jumping off of buildings, bridges, antennae towers, and cliffs where the daredevil doesn’t have much time to deploy their parachute or the luxury of being gently guided down due to the short distance between themselves and the ground.