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9 Models Who Changed The Definition of Beauty in Their Favor


Beauty has always been a weird thing. It’s supposedly in the eye of the beholder, but it’s also determined by society and marketing. It’s determined by weight, size, and a plethora of superficial and shallow criteria.
Every once in a while, someone comes along that breaks the cycle and redefines what society considers to be “beautiful”. And they become models, because how else can you prove that even though you don’t adhere to the rules of beauty, you’re still beautiful? I know, it sounds pretty ironic when I say it like that.
Anyway, the models below have redefined the rules of the modeling game and turned their “disadvantage” into something beautiful. Literally.



Chantelle Brown-Young
Chantelle has a pigmentation defect. Her unique look turns her into a very popular model.



Carmen Dell’Orefice
Models are supposed to be young, right? Well, 84 years old can be young. Just look at this woman. I’d be more than happy to look that good as a 84 year old woman. It’d be kinda weird to wake up one day as a woman, sure, but you gotta take the good with the bad.

Jamie Brewer
Known from American Horror Story, Jamie is the first model with Down syndrome.

Masha Tyelna
This Ukrainian model has uniquely large eyes. She’s often called “alien” or “elf”, because people are assholes. I mean, her name is Masha.



Viktoria Modesta
This Latvian model had 15 operations on her injured leg, but had to be amputated shortly after. It hasn’t held her back one bit, however.

Denise Bidot
This Puerto Rican model is one of the most popular plus size models. No longer do we live in a world where models have to live on a weekly piece of lettuce! Rejoice!

Casey Legler
This woman signed a modeling contract as a man. Her features do seem pretty manly, so I guess she just decided to roll with it.



Diandra Forrest
Diandra is an albino. So yes, she’s technically black. And apparently, albinism is very sought-after in the fashion industry.

Erica Irwin
Erica is a whopping 205 cm high. For you non-metric system users, she would be classified as “very tall”.