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9 Celebrities Who Are Younger Than They Look


In a society that thrives on people looking their youngest/best, you’d think we’d be less surprised when someone turns out to be a lot younger than we think they are. Yet somehow, we gasp in awe, wondering how he or she could look so good. I may have mentioned this before, but the real secret to true beauty is to get a good Photoshop guy.
While it might seem more logical to try and look younger than you are, it’s a very bad thing to do if you’re looking for the biggest reaction from people. Older age is often associated with intelligence, class, style. Younger age is often associated with things like binge drinking and “yolo”. You pick what side you want to be on.
Anyway, below are some celebrities that clearly picked a side and are a lot younger than they look.



Margot Robbie
She’s played so many different sophisticated characters that it almost seems unreal to consider she’s only 25.



World hit or no world hit, this girl is only 19.

The fact she’s been around for as long as anyone can remember doesn’t mean she’s older than 27.

Kendall Jenner
This one’s only 20 years old.



Jennifer Lawrence
She talks like an older person, plays roles like an older person, but is only 26.

Kate Upton
Kate is only 24, apparently! Who knew!

Sam Smith
His high-pitched voice is the only giveaway for his young age. Sam is only 24 years old.



Lindsay Lohan
Seems a while ago that LiLo was relevant, right? Well, can’t be that long, since she’s only 29.

Lady Gaga
She hasn’t aged all that much since she became a world sensation, but no one still would’ve guessed she only recently turned 30.