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9 Body Parts Humans Don’t Really Need


Our bodies are weird! They sometimes smell bad, make strange sounds, and have some of the most useless features ever. If you really think about it, our body has not been optimized or updated by evolution in thousands of years, which means that we look and function almost exactly the same as our ancestors 30,000 years ago. Maybe back then we needed those appendixes and ear muscles to survive but today we have a lot of useless baggage, so to speak.
Here are 9 body parts humans don’t really need.
1. Arrector Pili (smooth muscle)
These little musclaes make our hair stand and give us goose bumps, which gives us zero evolutionary advantage. Well, maybe aside from being able to tell if a song is good or not.

2. Body Hair
Even hair itself is a relic of the past. Everyone wants to get rid of it anyway, so why do we need it? (the answer is: we don’t)


3. Auricular Muscles
It would be cool if we could swivel our ears like cats and dogs, but alas, best we can to is slightly wiggle them with the auricular muscles.

4. Vomeronasal Organ
Vomeronasal organ allows animals sniff out pheromones and other chemicals in the air, but in our case it’s been non-functioning for tens of thousands of years!

5. Male Nipples
Men have nipples because they form in the womb before the gender is determined. And in some super rare cases, men are capable of lactating. Other than that, the nipples are there to be censored on TV.


6. Darwin’s Point
This tiny fold of skin has no apparent function but some researchers say it could have been a joint, thanks to which our ears could flop down or swivel.

7. Coccyx
This used to be a tail, but now it’s just a few small bones fused together. It’s less than helpful, as it hurts like a SOB when you break it.

8. Wisdom Teeth
You know what? I think ancient dentists invented a way to give every person in the world a third set of molars just to always have someone to torture.


9. Appendix
And here we have the king of useless body parts – appendix. It serves absolutely no purpose other than bursting and killing its host. Appendicitis sucks!