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8 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Melania Trump


After the more open Michelle Obama, we’ve now gotten a new kind of First Lady. Melania Trump is in no way remotely like Michelle and takes a much less prominent position in her husband’s presidency. She’s often seen standing next to or near Donald Trump, but hardly ever speaks in front of crowds or voices her opinions.

Naturally, this also means that there’s a lot about Melania we don’t yet know. Let’s take a look at some of the things you probably didn’t know about the current First Lady.

Expensive Taste

Money’s hardly ever an issue if you’re married to Donald Trump, but the fact that her wedding dress was a $200,000 piece of hand made craftsmanship shows just how exclusive Melania’s taste is. Also, this wedding was the currently infamous wedding where the Clintons were also invited and present.

Language Knowledge

Being a model gets you places, and Melania picked up languages everywhere she went. She can speak Slovene, English, French and Italian fluently, and can also speak a decent amount of Serbo-Croatian and German.


Melania might have a penchant for luxury goods and lead a privileged life but she does involve herself in the occasional charity. She’s been a Red Cross goodwill ambassador and she’s also been a member of the Police Athletic League.

No Nanny

Despite having more than enough money to pay for one if she’d want to, Melania has never used a nanny in the upbringing of Barron. She is a firm believer of the fact that the hours you spend with your child are really important.


Despite hailing from Slovenia at a time when the League of Communists were in control, Melania was actually secretly baptized at birth and practices Catholicism. This makes her the first practicing Catholic since the Kennedy’s to live in the White House.

Young Starter

We all know Melania used to be a successful model, but she actually started at the early age of five. This was mainly due to the fact that her mother developed patterns for clothing, so she was sort of born in the business.


Despite Melania having a background in modeling, she’s not as tall as you’d expect. She’s actually only 5 foot 11, which is about the same height as Michelle Obama.


No, Muse isn’t her favorite band. At least not that we know of. “Muse” is actually Melania Trump’s Secret Service name. Tradition says it has to start with the same letter as the president’s, which is “Mogul”.