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8 Surprising Facts About Colors People Usually Get Wrong


For years, people more knowledgeable than us (like school teachers and parents) have been feeding us lies about many things in life, including some interesting facts about colors.  But let’s not hold it against them; they didn’t know any better.

Here are eight surprising facts about colors people usually get wrong.

1. Do Bulls Hate Color Red?
Wrong! In fact, bulls do not even see the color red. They, like all other cattle, barely distinguish between reds and greens. The bull gets aggressive because of the sharp movements that the matador makes with the rag.

2. Are Black and White Real Colors?
This one’s a doozy. Scientists say that white is a mixture of all visible colors, and black is the absence of all colors. Okay, so, scientifically speaking – they’re not colors. But then again, according to artists, white is the absence of color, and black is the color. There’s no correct answer to this question.

3. Color Pink Does Not Exist
That’s right, pink does not exist. But then how can we all see it? Science says that each color has a certain wavelength, but the problem is that pink doesn’t have that wavelength. In the wild, pink is only possible when red and violed intersect, which is physically impossible, since they are on the opposite sides of the color spectrum.

4. Space Is Colorful!
A group of astronomers decided to compose the colors of all the stars in the Universe, and mix them all together to find out what color the Universe is. As it turned out, it’s beige, or as they called it “cosmic latte.”

5. Dogs Can Only See in Black and White?
While veterinarians are used to believing that dogs see everything in black and white, several studies show that they can see yellow, blue, and gray colors. Now you know!

6. The World Is Colorless
You will probably be surprised, but the world around us has no colors. Yes, that’s right, all colors are exclusively interpreted by your brain! It transforms visual information received from our environment and translates it into colors. Did you know that without the colors, we only see various degrees of illumination on the objects around us? It’s thanks to our eyes’ ability to distinguish a whole spectrum of electromagnetic waves of different lengths that we can enjoy the rainbow.

7. The Sun Is Not Yellow
By refracting the sun’s rays, our planet’s atmosphere makes it look yellowish. However, if you popped your head out into the deep space, you’d see that the color of the sun is actually white. 

8. Water Is Not Colorless
No way, it’s definitely colorless – you can see right through it! While that’s true for tap and bottled water, purified and distilled H2O has a slight blue tint if you get a whole tank of it.