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8 Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back


Love is a thing that holds many mysteries to even the most experienced among us. One of the biggest questions usually comes after the relationship is over. You find yourself wondering if it’s really done, or are you simply on a break of sorts?

Here’s how you can know that the odds are good that your ex will eventually come back. Sort of. Maybe.

Drunk Texts

You have to give credit where credit is due: drunk people never lie. So if they’re texting you when slightly inebriated, you’re still on their mind. That’s a good thing. Honestly, even an angry text could be a good sign, as love and hate are interchangeable in these kinds of situations.

Your Stuff

If they haven’t returned your stuff to you, that means you’re at least still welcome at their place. If the relationship is truly over, you’re going to have to come pick it up sooner or later, right? Not ripping off that band-aid means that the chapter isn’t entirely closed for your ex yet.

Your Friends

If they’re still meeting up with your friends, there’s at least a will to keep in touch and stay a part of your life. And I’m talking about friends you knew before the relationship, that are 100% “your” people. Friends that you meet while in a relationship don’t really mean anything in this context.

Breakup Terms

If your breakup was on the most amicable of terms, there’s no bad blood. No bad blood means you’ll still hang out, stay in touch and genuinely care about one another. And if the water isn’t too deep, who says they won’t come back to you sooner or later? Maybe this break is just what you needed.

Social Media

If your ex follows you on social media and they reply or react to your posts, that’s a good sign. For whatever reason, this person still wants to know what’s going on in your life and still can’t quite let you go.

Relationship Status

This is a bit of a weird one, but any relationship status can be a good sign after a breakup. Right back into a new relationship? Well, that’s probably just a rebound. Do they stay single for a long period of time? Maybe you’re just a tough act to follow. 

Random Encounters

Do you keep running into your ex in all the weirdest places? That’s because they’re actively hanging out in spots where they know you hang out. If they’d want to avoid you, they’d be perfectly able to do so.

Good Rep

If your ex hasn’t been caught saying anything bad about you, there’s no reason whatsoever why there wouldn’t be a chance to get back with them. If you’ve only had good times with a person, why would you not want more good times to come?