8 Signs You and Your Partner Are Drifting Apart


We would all like our relationships to be safe, fun, and comfortable, but sadly, this is not always the case. Sometimes you and your partners just drift apart for no apparent reason, and you better figure it out before it’s too late. This article will tell you about some telltale signs that you should start a conversation with your loved one. Whatever you do, try your best to stay calm and be open to a dialog.

1.You don’t spend as much time together

In today’s world, it is quite difficult for two working adults to find time for a leisurely walk unless you both work from home, but that’s a whole different story. People who are obsessed with their careers and spend a lot of time alone tend to forget what it is like to be a couple. Sometimes finding time is the hardest task, but if you want your love to last, you gotta do what you gotta do.

2.You start looking like bums

When a relationship is still new, both people generally want to please their partners. When those feelings fade away, you stop feeling the need to dress up, do your hair, and other things pertaining to your appearance. The result is a vicious cycle, which can only be broken by joint efforts. That said, if both of you are fine with this, then don’t fix what’s not broken!

3.You have nothing to talk about

If you don’t care how your partner is doing, then you are probably not interested in listening to what they tell you. Over time, this may lead to a communication breakdown, getting annoyed at each other, and your whole life going sideways. Take an interest in your partner’s hobbies, even if you’re not that stoked about them.

4.Constant criticism and nagging

Very often, negative emotions accumulate over time, and then your relationship blows a fuse. Unfortunately, many couples go through this stage but what you could do is look at the good side of things instead of only the bad. Even if one of you messed up, don’t be petty, don’t nag at each other, just try to approach the issue objectively.

5.The support is gone

Sometimes people lose trust in each other, not because of cheating or lying, but because one did not support the other at a difficult moment. Talk more with your partner, especially about painful or uncomfortable moments. But whatever you do, don’t mock them for opening up to you.

6.Ignoring the problems

It’s very easy to pretend that there are no issues in your relationship, but is this a good thing to do? According to modern society, ignoring the problem only causes more problems in the future. If there’s something wrong – just say it, but don’t forget that your partner also deserves respect and may have untold issues of their own.

7.TV or computer are stealing your time

Instead of spending free time with each other, we pour our feelings, wants, and needs into our gadgets. If unchecked, this may gradually lead to a complete loss of interest and seeing the loved one as nothing more than a roommate.

8.They start ogling other people

Disappointed in each other, partners will often shift their attention to other people. Suppose they see a person with qualities that their partner lacked. In that case, they’ll probably be interested in them, which will eventually lead to a complete loss of interest in a partner or even betrayal.