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8 Most Stylish Male Celebs



There are many trendsetters of the world, hailing from both generations old and new. Brave men and women have established their style status by being bold and daring with how their image is projected to the media, the public, and followers alike. Warning: this list may be extremely inspiring or daunting to those who are obsessed with the trendiest male celebrities of this century.



1. George Clooney

Highly revered as the most handsome man of Hollywood, George Clooney has set his trademark style and shows it wherever there is an occasion to be seen. From daily outings and movie roles to red carpet events or award shows – you name it. Clooney has rarely been seen wearing anything less than casual.


2. Kanye West

Yeezy has stamped himself into every pop culture aspect since his debut in music in the early 2000s. What is highly remarkable about Kanye is that he is never afraid to express himself through his art. In recent years, his sanity has been in question, but his ambitious strides in fashion have never faltered yet. From stunner shades to his Nike-sponsored shoe line, Kanye is a long way from slowing down.



3. Jared Leto

Leto’s eye-opening, androgyny based creativity has drawn an uproar and praise all at the same time. Leto’s personal style is so diverse that it sometimes looks as he never left the set. Leto has stunned audiences and attendees alike at the Met Gala. For now, we don’t know what to expect.


4. Rami Malek

The Freddie Mercury doppelganger has an appeal in style that draws the attention of males and females alike. The minimal and always charming attire that Malek presents might even give Clooney a run for his money. Even though he’s far above the competition, the only eyes he wants to impress is those of his girlfriend, Lucy Boynton. The couple has sparked the eyes and hearts of many, attending events like the Grammys as a matching couple in coordinating looks.


5. Ezra Miller

The People’s champion of fashion shall be heard! Generating much attention with his wide array of gender-neutral outfits, Miller has accepted and surpassed many boundaries in fashion. This is inspiring to many who relate and appreciate his boldness, and who hopefully follow in suit.



6. Bradley Cooper

Even with a nasty hangover, Cooper can never be caught slacking when it comes to fashion. The Oscar nominated star has a wide variety of three piece suits and casual wear that has set a high standard for how men should dress. The look is simple and appropriate but still sets you apart from the crowd without using flamboyant colors.


7. Pharrell Williams

Pharrell has maintained a unique sense of style that reflects his growth from the days of N.E.R.D to the high-level hip-hop icon he is today. His style is similar to his youthful appearance – it never gets old, and is always evolving timelessly. Since the early 2000s, Pharrell has managed to cultivate and set many trends within pop culture and the hip-hop community.



8. Tinie Tempah
Hailing from the streets of London, Tinie Tempah isn’t just a fashion icon who rocks classy streetwear and accessories – he’s a designer who is helping the masses be more stylish. His brand What We Wear is growing by the second, making the future of modern sportswear look even brighter. Who knew looking stylish could also be so comfortable?