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8 Celebrities Who Are Total Scorpios


Look, we all know astrology is pseudoscience at best and the position of the stars and planets on the day you were born has very little impact on your character or future life.  But there are the personality traits that are similar for a specific zodiac sign. Scorpios are emotionally intense, tough and always focused on their aim. That being said, we’re taking a look at some of Hollywood’s  celebrities who are total Scorpios. 

Bill Gates

Bill is probably the most Scorpio person of them all since he pretty much rules the technological world. He does however have a nice penchant for charity and connecting with the lesser fortunate, which is apparently also a typically Scorpio thing to do.

Leonardo DiCaprio

A very Scorpio thing to do is to have a strong desire to be near a group of people that you know intimately and not have hundreds of superficial friends. And if that entire group of intimates happens to be a bunch of Victoria’s Secret models, can you really blame a guy?

Kendall Jenner

Another typical Scorpio characteristic is the drive to challenge peoples’ world view, opinions and values. That’s pretty much what Kendall does. And she’s good at it, too.

Pablo Picasso

Yes, they even had Scorpios hundreds of years ago! While Pablo is mostly known for his Cubism style of painting, you could almost interpret that as if he’s trying to challenge your world view – literally. And as we just saw with Kendall, that’s a Scorpio thing to do.

David Schwimmer

With the recent F.R.I.E.N.D.S. reunion being a thing, this might be an opportune moment to remind you that David Schwimmer, also (and mostly) known as Ross Geller, is a Scorpio. That’s pretty much all I had to say about that, I’m sure there’s some Scorpio things he does that we could find. He’s just a cool guy. Sometimes, that’s enough.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew has one Scorpio aspect down to a T, which is the enigmatic side they have. He can be anyone he wants to be, which is what makes him one of the greatest actors of his generation. 

Sean Combs

Puff Daddy, P. Diddy and Diddy – while the man has many names, nothing can compare to his sheer amount of Scorpio passion. I mean, just look at everything the guy has done and is still doing. I get tired just thinking of it. I need to lie down for a bit.

Joaquin Phoenix

Scorpios are all about digging into the human mind. This surely helped Joaquin become the best Joker we’ve ever seen. Just imagine, he wouldn’t have won that Oscar if he’d have been born a few weeks earlier!