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7 Weird IG Accounts You Should Follow


Instagram has been around for a long time and people have really learned how to use it to attract audiences. Some post kittens, birdies and other cute animals, while others focus on their own lives and hobbies. Yet, there are others who use it to promote art and all sorts of crazy and fun ideas. Here’s a list of 7 incredibly fun and weird Instagram accounts you should definitely check out.



@Penguin the Magpie
A few years ago Noah Bloom rescued a small bird that fell out of its nest. After finding it lying next to a tree, Noah took the chick home and adopted it into the family. Now the bird named Penguin has its own nest and is an important part of the family. This Instagram is all about love and compassion. And the bird itself is just hilarious!

Can you imagine a 7ft doll becoming more famous than most celebs? Well, meet Pandemonia, a young fashion guru that has millions of followers all over the world. She was initially created to mock the modern day society that’s driven by consumerism, but now she kind of became part of that. Pandemonia was created as a form of art by a journalist from Daily Mail. Follow this doll to find out what she’s up to next!

Coffee cups can be incredibly fun if you are an artist with a great sense of humor. Most of us drink coffee every day, but almost none of us use it to create some kind of art. It’s a different story with Josh Hara, who has come up with an idea to draw something funny on his coffee cups. Check out his art, it’s cute and funny!



This one’s definitely not for people with weak stomachs. It seems this is the very place where the so-called ‘food porn’ comes to die. If you think you are a lousy cook, just check out this account and you’ll be put at ease. Just don’t look at it for too long or you might lose all the cooking mojo you have!

Guys can be unhappy about all kinds of things, but this reason is just too funny! If you think shopping is fun, check out this IG account and learn about all the hardships and drawbacks that come with this activity. These men are truly miserable!

Meet Digby & Aloysius Van Winkle who live in New Zealand. These two doggies are so ugly they’re cute! Their owners make everything in their power to create the most hilarious situations for Alo and Dibgy. If you need a mood booster – this is it!

This incredible granny definitely has more fun than most of young people combined together. She’s won the whole world over with her fun and easy-going personality, as well as her active lifestyle. She has 1.6 million followers, and for a good reason! Baddie is the baddest grandma of them all – she was even seen hanging out with Miley Cyrus at one of her concerts!