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7 Things To Do When You Get Rich Suddenly


Just imagine: you’re playing the lottery, picking the same numbers you do every week. The only difference is that this time you win the jackpot. Now what do we do with all that money, you ask? Let me give you some ideas.



Share the Wealth
Don’t be selfish. You should throw big parties for all of your friends. I mean, what use is all that money if you can’t share it with people you care about?



Buy Yourself Something Nice
Get a big car. Rich people always drive big cars. And maybe a bigger house, because you might want a second car which means you need two garages.

Go on a Long Trip
People say money can’t buy happiness, but those people haven’t been on a trip around the world. It makes you happy, and it’s not cheap at all. See places you’ve always dreamt of seeing – nothing can stop you now.

Quit Your Job
Honestly, why keep slaving yourself for your average-at-best wage? Either find a new job, quit working altogether or – if you’re one of those weird people that actually likes their job – work less hours. You need free time to spend all that money!

Donate to Charity
Make the world a better place. Or at least give other people the financial means to make the world a better place.

Pay Off Your Mortgage
Heck yes, get rid of that mortgage. And while you’re at it, buy a bigger house. With a personal vault to put all your money in, because that’s what rich people do (I think).

Invest in the Future
Don’t forget that the money will dry up sooner or later if you keep spending it without trying to generate more money for the future. Especially if you quit your job like I told you to, you might want to use a substantial part of your wealth to generate more wealth. Buy real estate or stock or something.