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7 of The Best Boomers on TikTok


TikTok is the new app taking over the world by force, leaving other social media like Instagram and Twitter far behind it. TikTok has managed to already get over 2 billion downloads in the short time it’s existed, and that alone should tell you something about how popular this app is.

And while it’s usually associated with a younger audience, there’s quite a few boomers (that’s a modern word for “old people”) that have discovered the app and actually amassed quite a following on it. Let’s take a look at the best boomers on TikTok.

Charles Mallet

This grandpa didn’t roll into TikTok by co-starring on videos his grandchildren made, he actually has his own profile and videos. He does all the challenges, he had a great sense of style, and he also has lots of videos where he shares his recipes with his followers.

Ronald Williams

The main thing that defines Ronald’s videos is that he really loves candy. His videos are filled with him doing challenges for candy, eating candy, chasing after candy, … You name it. And all of that got him to TikTok at the age of 78, with over 2 million followers. Sadly, Ronald has passed away recently.


Pauline joined TikTok through her grandson Ross Smith’s account. The pair makes videos so hilarious they’ve managed to amass no less than 10 million followers already. They’ve given loads of interviews and Pauline seems to really like the attention the videos are giving her.


One of the most hilarious videos this woman has made was her explaining why her five kids have different fathers. The fact that Susie doesn’t take herself too seriously makes her videos a joy to watch. And naturally, she also does all the TikTok challenges. As you do.

Sir Anthony Hopkins

In all fairness, Sir Anthony Hopkins is going to be one of the best everywhere he is. I don’t see why TikTok should be any different. He even did Drake’s challenge on TikTok, which isn’t really something you’d expect from an Oscar-winning, knighted Hollywood actor that’s reached the ripe age of 82. So kudos to Sir Anthony Hopkins!

Grandma Sandy

If there’s ever a challenge that needs doing, don’t look any further than Grandma Sandy. She’ll do all the challenges you introduce her to. Compared to some of the people on TikTok half her age, Sandy usually comes out as the more courageous one. And thanks to TikTok, we can follow her escapades online.

Unnamed Grandma

This grandma took over TikTok by starring in the videos of her granddaughter, Dani Bozik. They do all kinds of dances together and the grandma can really keep up! It’s nice to see technology bringing family closer together, isn’t it?