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7 Largest Shopping Malls In The World



The world has accepted capitalism as the way to go and the biggest reason of capitalism’s success is that people love shopping. Just admit it. The only reason payday still makes any of us happy is because we know it means we can buy useless stuff to fill up our empty lives again.


And since shopping is such a big thing, we’ve constructed huge shopping malls where you can find dozens of stores all within walking distance. Now you don’t even need to spend time on other things and you can get right back to spending all that hard-earned money. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest shopping malls that exist, so you know where you can get your next shopping spree on.



SM Megamall, Manila
Probably the biggest building in the Philippines, this shopping mall has 3,6 million square feet worth of shopping fun. The complex has two buildings: one of which holds all the stores, and another one which holds the bowling alley, toy stores, food stores and cinemas.


West Edmonton Mall, Alberta
The only western building on this list, this Canadian mall has 3,77 million square feet of room at its disposal. The best way to use all that space? Well, you put a big indoor waterpark in it, of course.



Golden Resources Mall, Beijing
This Chinese mall has a whopping 6 million square feet of store space, which means you can fit almost two other malls on this list in this building. That’s a pretty massive building by any standard.


Siam Paragon, Bangkok
This mall has an amazing 3,22 million square feet of room where you can find a boatload of stores, an opera hall, a bowling alley and – of course – a karaoke bar. Sounds like a good visit on your next trip to Thailand, huh?



CentralWorld, Bangkok
How many big shopping centers can one city need? Well, Bangkok apparently needs two. This one has 4,62 million square feet, which means it’s almost 50% larger than Siam Paragon. I doubt you can even visit all of the stores in one day.


Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur
This Malaysian 3,44 million square feet compound has over 1000 stores and a lot of entertainment rooms like a movie theater and even an indoor theme park.



Dubai Mall, Dubai
In terms of store space, this Dubai building is only as big as the Edmonton Mall, which sounds weird because buildings are usually bigger in Dubai. Don’t worry; as far as total space goes, it has over 12 million square feet so it’s the largest shopping mall in the world.