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7 Holy Rivers of India You Might Want To Swim In


What could be more important than the sunlight, the food we eat, and probably, the air we breathe? The answer is … water. In every culture and religion water has always symbolized purity and tranquility. Because of its life-giving properties water in ponds, lakes, and rivers has always been a subject of myths and legends, especially in India.


Here are 7 holy rivers of India that may or may not give you magical powers…



1. Narmada
Also known as “Life Line of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh” Narmada is one of the seven holy rivers of India. According to the mythos, Narmada can set your soul free and cleanse all your sins.



2. Kaveri River
Kaveri (or Cauvery) is flowing through the Southern part of India. There are hundreds of mentions of this river in Tamil literature due to its huge religious importance.

3. Kshipra River
There are many famous Hindu rivers but Kshipra (also known as Shipra) one of the most important ones, as it houses the ancient holy city of Ujjain on its banks.

4. Ganges
Being one of the biggest rivers in the world, this giant waterway was fated to take up a special place in the Hindu mythology. It’s murky waters are believed to not only wash all your clothes down-stream, but also absolve all your sins, and purify souls.

5. Sarasvati
A long time ago the Sarasvati river was wide and beautiful. Today it’s a mere reflection of its past glory, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important. On the contrary, according to the ancient Indian literature of the Vedic period it was one of the most sacred rivers in India. If you think about it, it still is.

6. Godavari
Godavari is considered to be one of the 7 holy rivers not just because it’s the second biggest. But also because of its history and cultural influence. Submerging one’s body into the waters of Godavari is believed to cleanse all sins from that person, making this river a popular pilgrimage destination.

7. Yamuna
Yamuna is not your regular old river, it has a distinct place in Hindu mythology. The legend has it that the waters of this mythical river can make you immortal (or at least grant you a longer life), thanks to its source – a glacier right near the temple of Goddess Yamuna. Go take a dip, you have nothing to lose!