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7 Everyday Things Hiding Amazing Secrets!


Did you know that if you look at some objects for a long time, you’ll start seeing strange… things. At first glance it’s just multicolored toothpaste, right? But if you dig deep deep enough, you’ll discover its horrifying, blood-chilling, absolutely monstrous secret, which is… Hah, you almost got me there! I’m afraid you’ll have to wait just a few seconds, to see these 7 everyday things hiding amazing secrets!



1. Multicolored Toothpaste
Okay, maybe calling this one “horrifying” or “monstrous” was a bit uncalled for, but there’s still a mystery to be solved! So why do you think so many toothpaste brands usually have white, red ,and green stripes when you squeeze them out? Turns out each color has its own special properties. White has fluoride for whiter teeth, red cleans your gums, and green keeps your breath minty-fresh!



2. Symbols on Cosmetics Packaging
Usually cosmetic products have particular symbols made of numbers and letters printed on them, and those have a very special meaning. According to Wikipedia, the number represents the amount of time that the material will be at its full potential before going bad, while the letter represents the time units: W for weeks, M for months. And now you know!

3. The Crown On Lady Liberty
Did you even stop and think why the crown of the Statue of Liberty has seven points? Get this, the seven-pointed-crown actually symbolizes the seven continents, and the seven seas!

4. Zig Zag Tram
I’ve personally never paid any attention to how the tram’s contact lines go from side to side, but they do! And the reason for that, according to Max Faqs,is to equally wear down both parts of the pantograph on its roof. This is kinda fascinating, I have to admit.

5. The Mysterious King Of Hearts
Playing cards can have different images from the classic layout, to animals, to even naughty-naughty pictures. But it all started from the original, classic layout with depictions of various, real-life historical figures. When you look at the King of Hearts, you can see he looks like he’s trying to stab himself in the head, that’s why it’s considered that his true identity was King Charles VII, who put a sword through his own head. Not the smartest king of the bunch.

6. Blank Pages
Why do the books have those blank pages in the front, back, or both? Isn’t it simply wasteful? Well, turns out, that books are not printed page by page, but in “signatures”. These signatures are groups of papers with 4 to 64 pages, so, as long as the number of pages in your book is divisible by 4, you won’t have any blank pages, but if it’s 101 or 55 pages, those blank pages will be there in order to make the book feel even.

7. British Coins Form A Shield?
And lastly, a neat bit of knowledge: when you put together the one, two, five, twenty, and fifty pence coins, they form the Royal Coat of Arms. Go ahead, give it a try!